[VIDEO] Active youth from Donbas on a study visit in Ivano-Frankivsk

A group of young representatives of NGOs in the Donbas has left on a fact-finding trip to Ivano-Frankivsk. There, they are to meet their counterparts from Teple Misto, an organization set up to develop the western Ukrainian city. The trip is one of a programme of visits designed to encourage peer-to-peer learning and best practice sharing between NGOs from around the country. The overall goal of the visits is to inspire activists from Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts to change their cities and communities for the better.

[WORLD HEMOPHILIA DAY] Patients with hemophilia will receive high-quality European medicines

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the United Nations Development Program report the completion of all procurement procedures for adult and child hemophilia medicines according to the agreement.

Only reforms can raise Ukraine’s human development index

With a Human Development Index of 0.743, Ukraine is now at the 84th place out of 188 countries and territories – down from the 81th place in 2015. This reflects reality in a country which has an armed conflict on its territory and is struggling to modernize its economic, political and social institutions.

[VIDEO] Infrastructure rehabilitation in conflict-affected Donbas

The restoration of critical infrastructure is a necessary requirement for the economic and social recovery of the conflict-affected regions in Ukraine. Since 2015, UNDP has rehabilitated 18 social and 10 economic infrastructure facilities that are of critical importance to the region.

[BLOG] How do you inspire entrepreneurship in a conflict-affected region?

At UNDP Ukraine’s Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme, we have an ambitious goal: to promote entrepreneurship in Donbas, inspire people who worked all their life in mines and factories to step in the unsure path of entrepreneurship, and make them believe in themselves and their country again. So we decided to start by showing the joy of creating and developing your own business through the stories of ordinary people. Stories of people like us who, despite all the difficulties, have succeeded. Written by Janthomas Hiemstra, UNDP Ukraine Country Director and Sofiya Oshchebska, National Coordinator - Crowdfunding Academy, UNDP Ukraine.

Over 7,000 conflict-affected people turn to UNDP-supported citizen's advisory bureaus

In March 2016, UNDP set up four сitizens advisory bureaus to support the government in providing administrative, psychological and legal aid to the vulnerable population in the atermath of the conflict in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.

[SUCCESS STORY] Fighting corruption on the ground: UNDP supports local civic activists

Over the past 2 years UNDP has been supporting anti-corruption civic activists in Ukraine. 60 community movers and shakers have been equipped with knowledge and tools for tackling corruption on the ground under its annual anti-corruption school. As a result, 40 best ideas were supported by UNDP with seed funding, to continue anti-corruption initiatives at the local level. This April, UNDP kicked off its third annual Anti-Corruption School for a pool of young, ambitious CSOs and newly-formed initiative groups.

[OP-ED] Neal Walker: Can health care reform succeed in Ukraine?

"If there is one reform in Ukraine that can really change Ukrainian society – a game changer for the whole of the country – it is health care reform. Yes, other reforms are enormously important too – from pension reform to anti-corruption to reform of education. Yet, for every person, there is a moment in life when health is critical, always when we are old, but often when we are surprisingly young, such as for wounded veterans or when unexpected illness strikes.

Creating new jobs to meet the needs of families in Luhansk, eastern Ukraine

In 2 years, UNDP’s jobs co-financing and small grants programmes resulted into creation of over 440 new jobs in Luhansk region.

Human rights survey, Ombudsman+ and Anti-discrimination Barometer: Three ways to support human rights in Ukraine

UNDP Ukraine is supporting the Parliamentary Commissioner for Human Rights, also known as the Ombudsperson, with many different activities. Find out three main highlights of our achievements.

[BLOG] Mine action: reducing risks, improving safety

The presence or suspicion of landmines and unexploded ordnance is impacting on civilians’ lives, restricting agriculture, inhibiting basic sustenance activities and disrupting essential infrastructure and services in many parts of the Donbas region. Mines, Explosive Remnants of War, booby traps and Improvised Explosive devices are on the second place in number of fatalities and injuries caused to civilians right after shelling. That underlines the critical importance of Mine action in Ukraine.