Veterans find support and sustainability from their land and from each other. A story by UNDP's Strategic Partnership Specialist Matthew Kriteman.
The orphanage in Pokrovsk was built in 1944 and required repairs and improvements to its energy efficiency. In April 2017, the UNDP, with financial support from the government of Japan, started renovation work. Now that the works are completed, the centre can house up to 40 children.
The United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine and the government of Japan have repaired a building to house an outpatient clinic that is to serve the population of the frontline town of Toretsk in Donetsk Oblast.
100 youth from across Ukraine participated in U-Inn camp where they showed innovative solutions to solving local community issues, and promoting participation and human rights. They also took part in training in project management, project implementation, and worked with experts to help them develop their ideas.
The United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine, with financial support from the European Union, is carrying out a new initiative to support the decentralization reform. As part of its programme, UNDP in October 2017 will conduct the “I’m the Community” information campaign in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.
In every country, parliamentarians play a key role in in identifying opportunities for increasing equality between men and women. But to do this they need sound, impartial evidence and effective engagement with experts and citizens. In Ukraine, members of Parliament are exploring various ways of embedding a gender perspective in legislative scrutiny.
Greenhouse effect does not distinguish nationalities, languages, gender or political views. The most effective personal actions of each of us could be in sticking to a full or partial veganism and the support of the initiatives aimed at overcoming the problem of climate change.

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