On 10 November 2017, heads of all Ukrainian journalism institutions of higher education, the Ombudsperson, and human rights activists gathered at the thematic meeting of the Scientific and Methodological Commission on Journalism and Information to discuss the ways and strategies to lead-up human rights in journalism.
The results of the national information campaign on environmental protection and climate change mitigation in Ukraine.
A Delegation from the Embassy of Japan has visited conflict-affected areas in eastern Ukraine to assess programmes implemented by UNICEF and UNDP with the financial support from the Government of Japan.
Emergency services in Donetsk Oblast install secure and reliable conference call system with support from UNDP and EU
In the last two and a half years, international procurement of medicines allowed Ukraine to save hundreds of millions Hryvnia, later used to purchase more medicines and ensure treatment to a larger number of patients. But once purchased, how are medicines distributed from the warehouse to different regions? Which public hospitals do they reach, and are the quantities planned efficiently?
In my childhood, I believed a mythical deep-water creature lived in there, breathing with the waves, powerful and moody. Seeing now the latest scientific research from our environment project, I fear for this powerful monster.
In 2017, the local budgets of the amalgamated territorial communities received more than six billion hryvnias. Once amalgamated, local budgets will increase considerably, so it will be up to you to plan where to invest the funds – just like every smart family does!

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