Dangerously close to a conflict zone, this smart school in Bakhmut, eastern Ukraine, is working hard to improve the safety of its students.
Business integrity is rapidly becoming a must-have feature for companies that want to cultivate a strong ethical culture and build trust among customers and stakeholders.
This small town in the Donbas used to be called New York, and has strong links to European culture and history. Today, the local community is trying to revive its legacy.
A delegation from the Embassy of Japan visited conflict-affected areas in eastern Ukraine on May 15-16 to assess the recovery and development projects implemented by UNDP and UNICEF with financial support from the Government of Japan.
How a youth leader and her Lviv-based team introduced an innovative web-checker to make e-democracy tools accessible to everybody
It’s no secret that the Verkhovna Rada is near the bottom of Ukraine’s institutions as far as public confidence is concerned. Indeed, along with parts of the justice system, parliament usually ranks dead last in public perception. There is a paradox, though, because along with the presidency, parliament is the only nationally elected institution; in other words, its members are democratically chosen by the very citizens who are so disappointed with its performance.
The Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and UNDP teamed up on May 7 at an event aimed at reaching out to civil society and reformers from inside the government. The event was intended to foster an exchange of ideas and find ways to increase transparency in policy-making.

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