Animated stories: Young people call for justice and peace in conflict-affected Ukraine

On the occasion of the World Day of Social Justice on Feb. 20, UNDP brought together 20 boys and girls aged between seven and 15 for a two-day animation workshop. There, they learned about the basic techniques used to create animated stories, and how to advance the principle of social justice by removing barriers that people face due to disability, low social status, ethnicity, gender or race.

Social Innovations: New Ways to Solve Old Problems

UNDP co-organized the conference on measuring social change in order to exchange knowledge and practices on social innovations among civic activists, and to build the capacity of CSOs on social impact management.

UN Committee reviews situation of women in Ukraine

A meeting of human rights defenders and the Representative of the Ombudsperson with the experts of the UN Committee took place on the eve of the presentation of the national report by the official Ukrainian delegation. Thanks to the dialogue with CSOs and the Ombudsperson’s representative the UN Committee could get an objective picture of Ukraine's implementation of its CEDAW commitments and prepare a list of questions to the official delegation of Ukraine.

Call for media competition on Gender-Sensitive Reporting

Journalists, bloggers and media representatives working in Donetsk and Luhansk regions, are invited to submit their gender-sensitive reports (articles, blogs, stories etc.) on a variety of topics and make their own contribution to eliminate gender stereotypes and promote gender equality in Ukraine.

The Coalition ‘Justice for Peace in the Donbas’ strategized how to improve access to justice in 2017

17 Coalition member NGOs dealing with conflict-related human rights violations reviewed their legal work in 2016 and agreed on the further steps for more effective redress, support and prevention.

The Second Wave. FAQ for new e-declarants: what to declare and how?

We explained earlier who has become subject to mandatory electronic asset disclosure starting from 2017, who was supposed to submit their declarations for the second time, and what were the deadlines for reporting significant changes in assets. Now we discuss the main issues related to proper completion of an e-declaration to help to understand what to declare and how. We also explain the responsibility for violating the financial control requirements.

“Women’s Rights are Human rights” - the Ombudsperson’s Office noted again

The Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner’s for Human Rights has launched its Alternative report on implementation of the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. The report points that the practical implementation of the Law of Ukraine “On Ensuring Equal Rights and Opportunities of Men and Women” that sets forth the definition of sexual harassment and the procedure of complaint doesn’t establish any efficient mechanism of remedy.

The second wave. Are you an e-declarant?

Expansion of the scope of declarants from civil servants and politicians to education, healthcare and other public sector employees is supposed to focus public attention on the corruption areas deeply entrenched into everyday life. UNDP expert expains the new aspects of the second stage of e-declarations.

Six things you need to know about CEDAW (and women’s rights) in Ukraine

In this article UNDP presents six major developments in relation to women’s rights in Ukraine, and particularly to the implementation by the Ukrainian government of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women.

Donetsk Oblast to fight corruption with independent Regional Development Agency

An independent institution – the Regional Development Agency – established with international financial and intellectual support will be handling procurement tasks in a way to make corruption practices impossible. “We want this agency to operate all procurement paperwork and all the resulting procedures. This will be done under the oversight of international organizations,” Yevhen Vilinsky, first deputy of Donetsk Oblast Governor says.

Promoting business integrity: another step in Ukraine’s anti-corruption reform

Together with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, and the Business Ombudsman of Ukraine, UNDP brought together over 100 senior practitioners from 30 countries for a 2-day regional expert seminar on Business Integrity in Eastern Europe and Central Asia followed by a 1-day roundtable on Business Integrity in Ukraine.