Swedish designer calls for shift in thinking to prevent climate change. “Communication is at the center how you create change,” Jakob Trollback, the designer of the UN’s Agenda 2030 communications platform.
Ukraine’s energy sector faces a double problem: it needs to make its energy sector more resilient and sustainable, and it needs to boost its energy security by reducing its dependence on foreign energy suppliers.
On May 22, 2019, six medical facilities opened after the large-scale renovation and modernization in Kharkiv thanks to long-term low-interest loans from the European Investment Bank (EIB), the bank of the European Union.
Do you have innovative ideas about how to change your community? Do you want to learn more about democratic processes and how can you influence them? Then come and take part in U-Inn 2.0: RELOAD, a youth innovation development programme to promote integrity and inclusiveness!
Civil servants value the same rights and freedoms as all Ukrainians, and are ready to use more legal mechanisms to stand up for their own rights. But the willingness of some of them to justify restrictions on the rights of certain social groups demonstrates that there is still a need to improve civil servants’ awareness about human rights.
Here are some useful tips and tricks that will help you understand how the effectiveness of social innovations can be brought to a brand-new level, and why social innovations matter.
How youth activists from Zaporizhzhia, in the south-east of Ukraine, are transforming an industrial city into a bicycle-friendly city.

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