UNDP not only procures medicines, but supports reforms

Exclusive interview with Blerta Cela, UNDP Deputy Country Director in Ukraine  

Blerta Cela: Women can talk politics too

Ukraine has made significant progress in gender equality. However, the pace of change on women’s decision-making remains fairly slow: Ukraine ranks behind 156 countries for women’s representation in…  

Keep social phobias out of social justice

A blog dedicated to the World Social Justice Day by Ukrainian author Larysa Denysenko.  

Fostering positive change by empowering young people

Imagine a Ukraine where over half of its young people take part in community life and participate in decision-making! This is not just a dream — a significant youth presence in civic life can become a…  

Reshaping the healthcare landscape in Ukraine

Despite many challenges ahead, the people of Ukraine — civil society representatives, civil servants and the general public — are determined to ensure high standards of care and increased quality of…  

Become her voice

A blog dedicated to the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women by Ukrainian author Larysa Denysenko.  

Access to justice for all

Often parents of children with disabilities have to become a driving force of change and advocate for their children’s rights. Olena is no exception: In 2015, she and her little son Volodya, who has…  

“To voice IDP issues, not to keep silent, is something crucial”

“The first stage in advocacy work is when we raise the issue, pluck it from obscurity or silence,” says Tetiana Durnyeva, GRUPA VPLYVU, civil society organization. “Our task is not just to bring the…  

UNDP-supported Regional Ombudsperson’s Office helps people access information

Access to public information is one of the constitutional rights of Ukrainian citizens. However, often they have to appeal to the Human Rights Commissioner to exercise it.  

In my ideal Ukraine, people do not complain but go for change

“I dream about a Ukraine where people take the initiative and bring about change, they don’t grumble, but take action. And there’s a civil society organization in every village to give a boost to the…  

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