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What do civil servants know and think about human rights: UNDP in Ukraine together with the National Agency of Ukraine for the Civil Service present the results of a study

Civil servants value the same rights and freedoms as all Ukrainians, and are ready to use more legal mechanisms to stand up for their own rights. But the willingness of some of them to justify…  

The institutional capacity on addressing gender-based and domestic violence in Luhansk Region

The study was conducted from 3 September to 30 November 2018 within the framework of the UNDP Project “Rule of Law and Community Justice for Conflict-Affected Areas in Ukraine”.  

Call for Proposals "Supporting human rights actors to promote and defend human rights in Ukraine"

The overall aim of the present call for proposals is supporting and strengthening the key human rights stakeholders and actors in order to promote and defend human rights in Ukraine.  

Reconstructed police department opens in Donetsk Oblast

Inhabitants of Druzhkivka in Donetsk Oblast now have improved access to the law enforcement system following the official opening of the rehabilitated Druzhkivka National Police department.  

Rehabilitated police department is to open in Donetsk Oblast

On Wednesday 20 March 2019, the official opening of the rehabilitated Druzhkivka police department in Donetsk Oblast will take place. With financial support from the Government of the Netherlands, the…  

Reconstructed city court opens in Donetsk Oblast

The conflict-affected population of Donetsk Oblast now has improved access to justice following the official opening of the rehabilitated Vuhledar city court. The building has undergone major…  

World Rare Disease Day: a vital cue to leave no one behind

About 6 per cent of the world’s population are living with rare diseases, meaning that this is an issue that requires serious attention. About 5 per cent of Ukraine’s people are living with rare…  

Keep social phobias out of social justice

A blog dedicated to the World Social Justice Day by Ukrainian author Larysa Denysenko.  

How to create an environment and services accessible for all: the best practices from the Universal Design Summit

Everything we design and produce should be done in a way so that every person is able to use it. The ways to translate this key idea of the Universal Design into practice were discussed at the…  

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