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How staying home makes a difference

Even as many of his friends left for the big city, Volodymyr decided to move back to his small town in Ukraine. What he couldn't predict was what a big difference his return home could make.  

Over 70 small businesses get UNDP support in eastern Ukraine in 2017

The winners of UN Development Programme’s (UNDP) Business Grants Contest have received up to USD 10,000 to launch, recover or develop their businesses. During the winter 2017-2018, they signed grant…  

Shaking up the employment services in Ukraine to leave no one behind

Decent work is a key priority for Ukrainians, and a serious challenge for individuals and state institutions alike. Not only Ukraine is undergoing a process of economic transformation, but the armed…  

Restarting life with a new job

Stories of two displaced persons who received employment through UNDP IDP employment programmes. In total, 1,500 IDPs have got employment assistance under the programme. UNDP works with NGOs,…  

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