Democratic Governance


UNDP promotes women’s empowerment and gender equality, dialogue between the government and civil society, the rule of law, decentralization, human rights and legal empowerment of the poor. In partnership with European Union, UNDP supports the capacity development of national institutions in the area of border management.

UNDP is engaged in fostering the inclusion, participation and responsiveness of institutions to the needs of the citizens. In its local development programmes, targeting urban and rural areas,

UNDP puts a strong emphasis on community self-empowerment and regeneration, building up the spirit of self-organization and social inclusion. With UNDP’s support, local communities establish and maintain partnerships with central and local governments, private sector and international donors and thus help significantly improve local infrastructure, generate self-employment, promote entrepreneurship, and improve most needed social services (e.g educational, medical, water supply). Recognising the successes and commonalities of community-led activities, UNDP now applies a comprehensive approach to promoting self-sustained local development and democratic local governance by means of coupling a cost-effective and replicable community development model with central policy advisory services/advocacy and capacity development among local authorities.



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