ANNUAL PROGRESS REPORT 2012. Project: UNDP Municipal Governance and Sustainable Development Programme

05 Dec 2013

Municipal Governance and Sustainable Development Programme (MGSDP) of UNDP/Ukraine was initiated in April 2004 as a preparatory phase, to develop a participatory and transparent mechanism to localize the principles of sustainable development. It entered into second phase in 2005 to demonstrate the effectiveness of public private partnership for resolving local social, economic and environmental problems. The Programme is being executed by UNDP.

MGSDP is a part of Local Development Programme of UNDP/Ukraine, along with other UNDP projects namely Crimean Integration and Development Programme and Community-Based Approach to Local Development. LDP is envisaged to serve as umbrella programme to promote self-sustained local development and democratic local governance in Ukraine by means of a community-based sustainable development model.