National Human Development Report 2011 Ukraine: Towards Social Inclusion

12 Jun 2013


This National Human Development Report – Ukraine: Towards Social Inclusion – calls attention to the specifics and the roots of social exclusion in Ukraine, identifies socially excluded groups and proposes a range of recommendations in support to the Government for the development of policies and programmes to address the current barriers to social inclusion for all.

The Report investigates the issue of social inclusion from a human development perspective, treating both concepts – social inclusion and human development – as mutually complementary and reinforcing. The key drivers of social exclusion are examined across core domains of people’s life: political, cultural, economic and social. The Report also provides an account of individual experiences of exclusion that demonstrate the magnitude and severity of the challenges vulnerable individuals face. It also introduces a novel methodology to assess the multidimensional aspects of social exclusion to allow for the effective prioritization and targeting of social inclusion policies.

This Report is one of a series of National Reports in the region dedicated to the subject of social inclusion, developed within the framework of the Regional Human Development Report, Beyond Transition – Towards Inclusive Societies. For over 20 years – since 1990 – UNDP has published annual Global Human Development Reports, examining the development trends of most UN member states. In addition, more than 600 National Human Development Reports in 140 countries and a number of Regional Human Development Reports have been produced during this time. In 1995, Ukraine was the first post-Soviet country to publish a National Human Development Report. Since then, eight National Reports have been produced, providing a vision of human development trends in Ukraine.