#ReinventRespect Information Campaign to promote tolerance and social cohesion

UNDP-UA_Alevtina_RRDrawing courtesy of Alevtina Kakhidze

The International Centre for Policy Studies with the support from the United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine kicks off an information campaign #ReinventRespect aimed to promote tolerance and social cohesion.

The goal of the project is to reduce social tension as well as to promote a dialog among the different groups in Ukrainian society.   

Under this project, 12 UNDP tolerance envoys have been nominated to participate in this information campaign. Multilevel communication in Ukrainian society should be facilitated by tolerance role models, experts and well-known Ukrainians who have achievements in different areas.

The project includes meeting with tolerance envoys and public events organized in different regions in Ukraine to promote fundamental principles of tolerance, social cohesion and accepting diversity and different points of view in Ukrainian society.


UNDP Tolerance Envoys are:

  • Liubko Deresh, writer; 
  • Natalia Sumska, actress, People's Artist of Ukraine ; 
  • Katya Chilly, singer; 
  • Andriy Kulykov, journalist, media expert;
  • Larysa Denysenko, human rights activist, writer; 
  • Alevtina Kakhidze, artist; 
  • Mykhailo Minakov, philosopher;  
  • Yevhen Zakharov, human rights activist; 
  • Gulnara Abdullaeva, historian, TV presenter; 
  • Vyacheslav Varda, TV presenter, master of sport; 
  • Mariana Savka, writer;
  • Pavlo Vyshebaba, musician, cofounder of “One planer” NGO

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