Acceleration of Millennium Development Goals Progress in Ukraine

Project Summary

The project supports the Government’s efforts to accelerate progress towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) through enhanced monitoring system, strengthened capacity in MDGs-based policy-making, planning and mainstreaming into strategic papers.

Project Goals

  1. Monitor national MDGs targets and indicators through an open platform for data collection, analysis and interpretation on poverty and MDGs, human development, social inclusion and quality of life for subsequent policy-making.  In addition, the project helps to identify most serious gaps and shortcomings, as well as successes and best practices and to prepare and disseminate regular reports to the national, sub-national and international stakeholders.
  2. Effective MDG-based policy-making and strategic planning to ensure the acceleration of the national progress towards MDGs through capacity development, analytical support and sharing the best international practices aimed at improved social and economic forecasting system, strengthened MDG-based policy-making and strategic planning and mainstreaming MDGs into development strategies. This also includes the promotion of human development, social inclusion and quality of life concepts to enable the development of pro-poor and inclusive socio-economic policies.
  3. Promote, advocate and raise awareness about MDGs, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Post-2015 Development Agenda among government and non-government organizations and research institutions and society at large.
  4. Establish green economy platform to facilitate the transformation of MDGs into SDGs through national policy dialogues and debate and production of advocacy materials.  


  • A National Report “Post-2015 Ukraine: Future We Want” features the results of the national consultations on post-2015 development agenda in which 25,000 people said they wanted more equality, prosperity, opportunity, social justice and responsive authorities.
  • Ukraine was awarded MY World Outreach Award for Europe and North America for its advocacy and awareness efforts around MDGs and post-2015 development agenda through expert discussions, round tables, lectures for students, online surveys and info graphs.
  • A photo contest “MDGs in Ukraine” organized by Newspaper Day engaged thousands of people to reflect and express their vision about MDGs through photography.
  • Media from all regions of Ukraine trained on how to write about MDGs and social issues. Best stories about MDGs and Post-2015 awarded within the national “Pulitzer” – the Ukrainian Annual Professional Journalism Contest “Honor of the Profession” - initiated by the Union of TV and Radio Broadcasters and the Ukrainian Press Association with UNDP support.
  • National Report “MDGs. Ukraine – 2013” presents progress towards achieving MDGs as well as actions required to accelerate progress towards the target date of 2015.
  • MDGs targets and indicators integrated into a number of national strategic documents and MDGs localized in Chernivtsi oblast. Consensus Macroeconomic Forecast Seminars were conducted and follow up analytical papers “Ukraine: Prospects of development” were published and distributed. 




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