Aid For Trade in Ukraine

What is the project about?

Aid for Trade project is a part of a regional UNDP project Wider Europe: Aid for Trade for Central Asia, South Caucasus and Western CIS project funded within the framework of Finland’s Wider Europeinitiative. It builds on the experience gained during the implementation of the Phase I of the project, including the findings and recommendations of the UNDP Aid for Trade Needs Assessments for Ukraine (2011).

The goal of the project is to improve the implementation of pro-poor trade-related policy reforms and trade capacity development measures on the national and local levels. More specifically, the project aims to facilitate international trade on the national and local level by supporting the development of national strategic documents to promote trade, optimizing the institutional framework, and providing technical assistance to small and medium local businesses with a view to promote exports.

What have we accomplished so far

During the implementation period the project delivered a series of analytical reports on trade-related topics. The most important of them include:

Current and Prospective Economic Relations Between Ukraine And The Customs Union (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus)

‘Administration of agricultural tariff quotas under the Free Trade Agreement between Ukraine and EU’;

‘Use of WTO instruments for the protection of Ukrainian businesses and promotion of trade on foreign markets’;

Export Promotion Policy in Ukraine after the Administrative Reform

Best practices in export finance

In 2012 the project held eight seminars on ‘Liberalization of the trade regime of Ukraine: opportunities and challenges for improving the export potential of the region’ in Chernivtsi, Vinnytsia, Zaporizhia, Odessa, Mykolayiv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv.

The seminars aimed to increase the general awareness on trade liberalization issues, including the prospective Free Trade Agreement betweenUkraine and the EU and ensure that relevant clients are informed of changes in trade regime of other trade partners, so to enable them to adjust and streamline business operations (production, certification, etc.) and therefore maintain or increase export volume. Around 365 participants from the business community and public authorities benefited from the seminars. 

The project also held a workshop for public servants and other stakeholders involved in the development of Ukrainian export finance system “Best International Practices on Export Financing” aimed to promote and discuss the pros and cons, peculiarities and effectiveness of state financial support to exports, especially to small and medium enterprises. For more details on project’s activities and results please read the Progress Report 2012.

Who Finances it?

The project is a part of a regional UNDP project Wider Europe: Aid for Trade for Central Asia, South Caucasus and Western CIS project funded within the framework of Finland’s Wider Europe initiative. The allocation for Ukraine is USD 374’152 USD.

How are We Carrying out Our Mission?

To pursue the goal the project implements two activities:

I. Technical support to the Government of Ukraine for the elaboration of the national framework for export development, with a particular focus on international trade agreements and multilateral negotiations. Under this activity, the project provides on-going advisory services to the Government of Ukraine on trade policy making, trade negotiations and trade policy implementation.

II. Technical assistance for export through training provided to SMEs and regional authorities based on a training needs assessment of SMEs and local authorities regarding the export development. Under this activity the project

  • Conducts capacity development events for regional authorities on trade-related issues;
  • Conducts capacity development events for SME on trade-related issues through the business support organizations, including Chambers of Commerce.

Delivery in previous fiscal years

Donor name Amount contributed per year
UNDP, Finland’s Wider Europe initiative $ 67.000
UNDP, Finland’s Wider Europe initiative $ 140.000

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