Rapid Response to the Social and Economic Issues of Internally Displaced Persons in Ukraine

Objective of the Project

The overall objective of the Project is to strengthen the coping mechanisms for improving livelihoods of IDPs in their new locations and, where appropriate, to support reintegration into their home locations.

Specifically, the objectives of the Project are: (i) enhancing capacity of the government on planning, management and coordination of the responses to IDP issues at national and sub-national levels; (ii) improving livelihoods of IDPs in relocated and home places by providing them employment and social services; (ііі) promoting social cohesion, reconciliation, and integration/reintegration of IDPs in relocation and home places.

Our work within the Project

The Project is aimed to provide cooperation among the Government of Ukraine, local state administrations, NGOs and businesses.

The project is being implemented in two stages.

The first stage (August 2014 – February 2015) is preparative. During this stage, the Project is aimed to:

1) provide humanitarian assistance to people affected during the armed conflict;

2) support NGOs working with IDPs. Specifically, the grants contest "Promoting the IDPs Livelihood Restoration" (more than UAH 1 million was allocated).

The second stage (March 2015 – February 2016) consists of the following components:

1. Support employment programs for IDPs:

-          Provide public and temporary jobs;

-          Create work places;

-          Support non-standard work statuses;

2. Support self-employment and small businesses of IDPs:

-          Arrange start-up grants competition;

-          Hold business-forums;

-          Arrange trainings on entrepreneurship development;

3. Provide psychological and legal assistance to IDPs and host communities;

-          Provide free consultations;

-          Hold trainings and workshops;

4. Enhance local dialogues among host communities and IDPs:

-          Hold trainings and workshops;

-          Arrange social and cultural events;

5. Provide assistance to governmental institutions:

-          Consult about preparation of the relevant legal acts, which may provide access of IDPs to social and economic services;

-          Estimate existing experience of coordination on the national level and provide recommendations for the government.

Our achievements

Within the first installment (September 2014 – February 2015):

1. Humanitarian assistance to 80.000 of IDPs provided (60.000 product packages, 16.000 clothes kits, 15.925 bedding kits);

2. Guideline The Practices of Public Initiatives. Assistance to Internally Displaces Persons (IDPs) published.

Within the second installment (March 2015 – February 2016):

1. Project documents official signing ceremony held with the participation of UNDP and the Ministry of Social Policy.

Our financing

The Project is implemented with the financial support of:

1) The Government of Japan (total cost of financing is 6 320 000 USD)

2) United Nations Development Programme (total cost of financing is 2 200 000 USD)

3) Religious Organization The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (total cost of financing is 1 500 000 USD)

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