Strengthening National Capacity for Effective Youth Development and HIV/AIDS Response in Ukraine

Project Summary

The project helps to strengthen national capacity for effective youth development and HIV/AIDS response in Ukraine. This is achieved via two components: 1. protecting rights of people affected by HIV/AIDS; 2. promoting employability, healthy lifestyle and civic engagement of youth.

The situation of young people today provides Ukraine with an unprecedented opportunity to overcome development challenges and accelerate prosperity. Ukraine’s 6.25 million of young people in the age of 15–24 (or 13.7%) are the next generation of economic and social actors.  Making sure that they are well prepared for the future is thus very important to the course of poverty reduction and growth of the country. Because human development is cumulative, missed opportunities to invest in and prepare current generation will be extremely costly to reverse, both for young people and for the society. Their decisions will affect the welfare of everyone in society.

That is why UNDP aims to promote innovative models of youth employment and youth civic engagement, as well as healthy life style. The Project also supports the design of an evidence-based youth development strategy to ensure sustainability of project’s results.

Project Goals

  1. Support and strengthen national capacities to test and implement innovative youth development approaches with focus on promotion youth employability, healthy life style and civic engagement of youth.
  2. Assist the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine in drafting and enforcing an evidence-based youth development strategy.
  3. Strengthen capacities of state and civil society institutions to effectively plan, implement, monitor and evaluate national and sub-national multi-sectoral HIV/AIDS strategies and action plans.
  4. Develop capability of the public sector institutions to protect the human rights of people affected by HIV/AIDS to address gender and HIV linkages in policies and plans  and to ensure equal access to prevention, treatment, care and support services for men who have sex with men and transgender people.


  •  ‘Youth Worker’- national educational programme for civil servants and leaders of youth NGOs has been launched. 100 workers have been trained, e-learning course developed, manuals for trainers published. Sustainability of the programme is ensured by its inclusion in the Youth Policy Development Strategy 2016-2020 and EU-Ukraine Association Agreement Implementation Plan.
  • Sustainable platform for professional orientation of high school graduates has been developed available at
  • National sport campaign ‘Get moving’ has been initiated, 10 public exercising events launched, 5000 young people involved. In addition to that, social advertisements encouraging exercising were produced and promoted on television and Internet.
  • National sports information system ‘’ (website and mobile app) has been developed to provide Ukrainian youth with information about geo-location of sport facilities and calendar of sports events.
  •  ‘Alcopop’ Project has been launched and resulted reduction of alcohol consumption among youth. 4000 pupils were surveyed about their drinking habits and 50 % of them (treatment group) are currently involved in substitution activities.
  • ‘#NewLeader’ project initiated in order to strengthen leadership skills of youth through its inclusion into creation of more resilient communities and educate youth in exercising its civil rights, including the right to a clean environment and active living. The project has been launched with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and “Coca-Cola Foundation”. It includes climate change camp, coastal clean-up as well as Olympic and Special Olympic activities for youth.
  • Gap analysis of national youth legislation in regard to Action Plan of EU-Ukraine Association Agreement has been conducted; main areas for approximation have been identified.
  • National AIDS Programme for 2014-2018 approved by the Government envisages innovative ways to expand medical care and social support to people living with HIV/AIDS as well as prevention measures. In terms of this programme, recommendations which advocate for rights of men who have sex with men were developed and submitted.
  • State Service on HIV/AIDS and other Socially Dangerous Diseases conceptually agreed with the recommendations on repealing criminal prosecution for non-intentional HIV transmission as part of the country’s efforts to combat stigma and adopt best practices in HIV and the law.
  • Comprehensive HIV services monitoring system established in Odessa region.
  • TB Institute “F.I. Yanovskiy” in Kiev and TB dispensaries of Kramatorsk, Gorlivka, Shakhtarsk and Mariupil have been provided with modern TB diagnostic equipment and disposable materials.




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US$ 322, 506

The Coca-Cola company

US$ 100, 000




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US$ 316, 275

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