Support to the Social Sector Reform in Ukraine

What is the project about

Our Goal

The project supports the Government of Ukraine and the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine in accelerating the implementation of the reforms in the social sector and achieving Ukraine’s short- and mid-term social and economic development goals.

How are We Carrying out Our Mission?

The project supports implementation of the reforms in the area of social services delivery system, pension system, employment policy, poverty reduction policy, as well as administrative reform in the social sector.

During the period from the second half of 2011 till early 2012, the Project provided advisory support to the reforming of the pension system of Ukraine, as well as to the reforming the social security and assistance systems, which included conducting of the functional assessment and elaboration of recommendations to reflect new functions in legislative and administrative structures.

Since 2012 the Project has been providing support in the implementation of the reforms in the area of social services delivery, including introduction of a decentralized social service delivery system, diversification of the menu of social services, elaboration of standards and introduction of quality assurance system for social services, and development of the market for social services delivery among public social service providers and at the community level.

Since 2014 the Project starts to advisory support in employment area. On 2015 project experts participated in development of Poverty Reduction Strategy.

Since 2016 the Project works to promote an integrated approach for connecting employment and social services. The model of services provision to support with job placement and follow-up support at the work place for the vulnerable groups and disadvantage women (such as women with small children, people with disabilities, youth, searching the first job, long-term unemployed, people at pre-pension age, internally displaced people, and others) based on a case management approach was developed for future implementation in the state employment service.

Advisory support is provided through conducting functional assessment and research, elaboration of recommendations, developing new or amending existing legislation, preparing guidelines and training manuals, providing personnel training.

The Project involved best national and foreign experts, research and consulting organizations.


Strategic papers with policy recommendations were prepared and disseminated to national partners on:

Technical assistance was provided to the development and / or amendment of more than 26 legislative documents, 12 of them were adopted by the Government. Among them:

The UNDP is fostering implementation of reforms in social services sector through institutional capacity development. With the assistance of the Project “Support to the Social Sector Reform in Ukraine”, more than 2,000 representatives of departments of social protection and social service providers across all regions of Ukraine were trained on planning, management and delivery of social services (such as assessment of community needs in social services, social commissioning, quality assurance, standards, public awareness, calculation of costs of social service, management of territorial centers which provide social services, support to the internally displaced people in Ukraine, etc.).

Advisory support was provided to the local authorities of all regions of Ukraine with regard to the implementation of social commissioning; to the local authorities and social institutions in Poltava pilot oblast for testing a model of public awareness on social services; Uman’ city and Bashtanka rayon of Mykolaiv oblast to optimization of social services provision at the local level. Seven employment centes (in Mariupol, Odesa, Lviv, Vinnytsia, Kharkiv, Kremenchug, Zhytomyr) have been supported for implementation case management approach to job placement of hard-to-employ population.  

Project experts developed a range of methodical recommendations, guidelines and manuals, such as:

For specialists of social security system and social services the Project prepared and published two manuals:


For internally displaced persons (IDPs) in response to immediate needs 4 roadmaps were developed:


For the staff of social security system and social services, as well as for volunteers, psychologists and all interested persons the Project released:


For professionals who provide social services, the Project developed:

Who Finances it?

Donor name Amount contributed
Catalytic Fund, Turkey $ 85.000
UNDP $ 50.000

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