Environment & Energy

  • Integrating Rio Convention Provisions into Ukraine’s National Policy Framework

    The goal of this project is to catalyze Ukraine's implementation of the three Rio Conventions on a strengthened policy and institutionally sustainable development baseline. To this end, the project will focus on mainstreaming Rio Convention provisions into Ukraine's broader national development framework and strengthening related capacities to implement this framework

  • Ukraine Energy Security Expert Hub (Phase II)

    The project aims to strengthen the capacity of the Government of Ukraine to develop and implement the energy security policy, which is one of the top governmental priorities. The Project will focus on the provision of the technical, expert assistance as well as advisory services to the Government of Ukraine to develop and subsequently implement a decisive action plan to strengthen energy security (ES), provide more linear impact on the ES policy implementation, and further facilitate Ukraine’s acquis process to the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement as related to the EU development agenda and requirements in the area of energy security.

  • Conservation & Sustainable Use of Peatlands

    The project aims to support the Government of Ukraine in steering the country on a low emission pathway for Ukraine’s long-term economic development. To this effect, the project will strengthen the institutional capacity of Ukraine to design and implement long-term policies and measures directed at reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and enhancing absorption by sinks.

  • “Initial Implementation of Accelerated Hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) Phase Out in the Countries  with economy in transition (CEIT) Region”

    The Programme is consistent with Ukraine's commitments on global environment management and plans on responding to multilateral agreements, in particular the requirements of Montreal protocol and the Vienna Convention on protection of ozone layer to which Ukraine is a party.

  • Removing Barriers to Increase Investment in Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings in Ukraine through the ESCO Modality in Small and Medium Sized Cities

    The project’s goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by creating favourable legal, regulatory, market environment and building institutional, administrative and technical capacities to promote energy efficiency measures in public buildings.

  • Development and Commercialization of Bioenergy Technologies in the Municipal Sector in Ukraine

    The objective of the project is to accelerate sustainable agricultural biomass utilization for municipal heat and hot water services in Ukraine by introducing a conducive regulatory framework and by establishing a financial support mechanism. It is envisaged that this project will enable Ukraine to substantially move closer to its target of having some 7% of the country’s annual primary energy requirements for heating and hot water services supplied by biomass by 2030, as outlined in the “Energy Strategy of Ukraine to 2030”.

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