Initial Implementation of Accelerated Hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) Phase-Out in the Countries with Economy in Transition (CEIT) Region

Project Summary


The project helps Ukraine to fulfill its global environment management commitments and plans on responding to multilateral agreements, in particular the Montreal Protocol and the Vienna Convention on Protection of Ozone Layer to which the country is a party.

Project Goals

  1. Create a favorable environment for protection of ozone layer in Ukraine.
  2. Increase capacities of customs and environmental officers to prevent illegal ozone-depleting substances (ODS) trade.
  3. Support technological conversion to HCFC–free substances in selected private companies.

At the initial stage, priority is given to the formulation of a full-fledged HCFC phase-out strategy, rapid eligible consumption phase-out activities in the refrigeration manufacturing, solvent and XPS sectors, through HCFC-based industry (manufacturing sector) conversions to non-HCFC technologies (zero ODP and low GWP), as well as to technical assistance and support (capacity building, awareness raising) to non-eligible enterprises in support of their self-conversion.

The capacities of the re-structured Government authorities - Environmental Inspectorate and Customs – will be enhanced which will allow them to exercise more effective HCFC-related regulatory measures with technical support and supply of modern portable analytical devices to properly detect and identify HCFCs at entry points and enforce HCFC quota legislation to facilitate the return of the country into compliance with the Montreal Protocol obligations.

At the regulatory level, the project will ensure the implementation of enhanced HCFC regulation/import control, enhanced licensing systems, and introduction of HFC monitoring inclusive of working enforcement level training. These components will be complemented by training to strengthen enforcement (environmental and Customs officers to control HCFC end-use and imports) and promotion of energy efficiency and GHG reductions during servicing. In addition, investment programmes will cover technological conversions and technology information exchange in solvent and foam sectors (PU and XPS).





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