Integrating Rio Conventions Provisions into Ukraine’s National Policy Framework

Project summary

The project supports Ukraine in fulfilling its international obligations under the three Rio Conventions - Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), Convention to Combat Desertification and Drought (CCD), and Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC) - and in addressing the global environmental issues which impact the country’s social and economic wellbeing. It aims to integrate the provisions of the Rio Conventions into the country’s broader national development framework and to enhance capacities to meet and sustain the commitments under the Conventions. 

Project goals

  1. Integrate the principles and criteria that frame the three Rio Conventions into Ukraine's key sectoral development policies by developing a Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS) that fully integrates global environmental priorities.
  2. Enhance institutional and individual capacities to implement the improved sectoral policies, programmes, plans and legislation at the regional level. 
  3. Promote a greater understanding of the complex and dynamic inter-dependencies among environment, economy and social development policies. 

Expected Results

  • A national Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS) developed whichfully integrates global environmental priorities.
  • Training needs of the line ministries and key stakeholders assessed and tools developed to raise awareness of the environmental priorities set in the Rio Conventions.
  • Increased awareness and advocacyabout environmental issues through media trainings, TV spots, education modules and competitions in schools and public dialogues.
  • Learning materials developed to be incorporated into the curricula of secondary schools and universities to promote greater understanding of the inter-dependencies among environment, economy and social development policies.
  • Implementation of the Rio Conventions promoted through a dedicated webpage and social media which aim to engage people into conversation aboutfulfilling the national commitments under the Rio Conventions.


Global Environment Facility                                                  US$ 900,000