Clima East Pilot Project "Conservation & Sustainable Use of Peatlands"

Project Summary

The project is part of a larger EU regional initiative which supports climate change mitigation and adaptation in the East Neighbourhood countries - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.

In Ukraine, Clima East focuses on the conservation and sustainable use of peatlands through building the capacity of the national greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory system as well as developing and pilotingecosystem-based approach for converting degraded private arable peatlands to semi-natural conditions with high value for local people and biodiversity conservation.The project targets Nizhyn rayon in Chernihiv region, which is one of the ten regions in Ukraine, where 95% of drained peatlands are located.


Project Goals

  1. Develop methodology for accounting GHG emissions and removals from organic (peat) soils and a dataset for all types of organic soils in Ukraine which will serve as basis for the inclusion of peatlands in the national Green Investment Scheme.
  2. Support the restoration of approximately 3,000 ha of degraded agricultural peatlands to prevent emissions of carbon and rehabilitate habitat adjacent to neighbouring natural peatlandswith high value for biodiversity and potential designation as protected area.
  3. Strengthen the protection of existing peatlands areas inChernihiv region and increase the protected area coverage by 16,000 ha.


1.     Carbon stocks and fluxes assessment methodology for organic (peat) soils.

2.     Monitoring program for carbon flux assessment in peatlands.

3.     Guidelines and criteria for peatlands re-wetting projects.

4.     Set of dedicated peatland thematic (GIS-based) dataset layers for the National GHG Inventory System (for ten north oblasts of Ukraine).

5.     Dedicated site dataset.

6.     Village cooperatives.

7.     Village cooperative’s business plan.

8.     Site re-wetting plan.

9.     Design project for restoration of hydrotechnical facilities and subsequent land management of the Smolianka drainage system.

10.  Scientific-economical justification, required for the establishing of the regional landscape park (RLP).

11.  Decisions to support the RLP establishment from all (5) involved village councils.

12.  Trainings for the personnel of protected areas.

13.  Environmental campaign “Clean country”.


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European Union

1,800,000 Euro


US$ 100,000



US$ 258,351

2014 US$ 575,988