Second Phase of the EU/UNDР Project “Support to the Regional Development of Crimea”

What is the project about?

In August 2010 UNDP launched a two year European Union funded Project in Crimea to build the capacity of an institution, the Regional Development Agency (RDA), set up by the Crimean Government. The main objective of this project was to assist the Agency in becoming institutionally mature and financially viable, in order to effectively work with all partners and contribute to the sustainable regional development of Crimea.

From March 2012 the Project entered its second phase, according to which it will focus its support on 5 selected Crimean municipalities and districts and help them design development projects and attract funding to their territories. 

The main objective of the project “Support to the Regional Development of Crimea” is to contribute to the regional development of the peninsula.

Specific objectives are:

-      to strengthen republican and local expert capacities to attract and absorb funding for coherent development actions in the peninsula;

-      to promote the demand-led set-up of a Local Development institution.

What have we accomplished so far

Who Finances it?

650,000 EUR. European Union, co-financed and implemented by UNDP

How are We Carrying out Our Mission?

The following results are expected to be achieved during the course of the Project’s implementation:

  • The Crimean Council of Ministers shows clear evidence of effective planning and coordination of regional development actions through the set up and operations of a Crimean Coordination Council.
  • Local authorities show capacities to plan for sustainable regional development, in cooperation with non- governmental and private sectors.
  • 1 pool of no less than 20 local experts at republican level and throughout 5 administrative units and NGOs trained and able to carry out project development, fund attraction and projects' implementation.
  • no less than 21 regional and/or local development projects designed and submitted for financing
  • 1 clear concept of an effective and viable not-for-profit regional and/or local development institution presented to project’s partners and beneficiaries leading to a possible decision by relevant republican and local stakeholders (municipalities and districts) to set it up
  • If set up, institution’s operational and administrative processes and procedures, as well as partnership mechanisms, are in place and used by relevant parties
  • National government’s acknowledgement of Crimea’s regional development experience as one of the best in Ukraine and worth disseminating to other regions
  • Visibility of both the EU and the UNDP throughout project’s second phase implementation.
  • Crimean RDA officially launched: three Department Directors and Technical assistance team (TAT) recruited; corporate visibility, branding kit developed and officially introduced;
  • Coaching programme to the RDA staff delivered: development of investment profile of Crimea, cities and districts of the region, designing Investment property database, analysis of existing strategies;
  • Extensive consultations and expert advice provided to key Crimean stakeholders in the following spheres: Crimean long term development strategy, elaboration of documents related to investment promotion, localization of MDGs, consultation on the optimal  legal status of the RDA, monitoring of the ARC socio-economic situation;
  • Expert capacity of the Crimean stakeholders increased and partnership with regional development actors built through 63 public and educational events: 6 workshops, 2 informational sessions, 2 comprehensive training programs on FDI promotion and regional development issues, 3 international conference on regional competitiveness, 2 study tours (international to Croatia and national to the Ukrainian FDI promotion successful regions) and etc. The overall number of participants who attended these events is 1319 people.
  • Project refocused to the local level: 5 pilot administrative units were selected (Bakhchisarayski, Kirovskoye, Nizhnegorskiy districts and cities of Feodosia and Evpatoria), cooperation agreements between pilots and Project were signed;
  • Support  to design development projects: Project team supplemented by three Project Development Officers, database of funding opportunities developed and disseminated among regional development actors, 7 project concepts designed and submitted to the EU (3 projects) and All Ukrainian  (4 projects) calls for proposals; trainings to design projects for the All Crimean call were launched;
  • Extensive consultations on strategies’ design: Project reviewed and analyzed pilots’ strategies, organized informational workshop on strategies’ updating; introduced recommendations to achieve MDGs’ in Crimea, continues supporting the drafting of the Chernomorskiy Development Strategy;
  • Creating a set of FDI promotion tools: design of the investment profiles for cities and districts proceeded, FDI training programme launched;
  • Consultations and advice to set up a new RDA provided to the Crimean Government: written recommendations on legal status, decree of the RDA, Coordinating Board for Investment Promotion and international technical assistance were submitted to the responsible Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers;
  • Project  continues monitoring of the socio-economic situation in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in the context of the “Strategy of economic and social development 2011-2020”;
  • Improving expert potential. Project organized 12 public and educational events, which were attended by 229 people: Forum of international technical assistance donors, workshops and trainings on FDI promotion, project design to support innovations, updating regional and local strategies, drafting projects for the national calls for proposals.

Delivery in previous fiscal years

Donor Name: UNDP, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, partner municipalities.
Year Amount contributed per year
2012 $ 547.000
2011 $ 680.000
2010 $ 1.035.000
2009 $ 1.000.000
2008 $ 1.066.000
2007 $ 1.929.000
2006 $ 1.407.000
2005 $ 362.000
Project Overview
Project start date:
Estimated end date:
Geographic coverage:
Focus Area:
Local Development
Project officer:
Adeline Gonay
Council of Ministers, Ministers responsible for regional and economic development, Parliament of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea