Our Projects

Recovery & Peacebuilding

  • Early Recovery Programme

    The EIB-supported programme provides early recovery investments on critical infrastructure in conflict-affected areas, and basic needs to ensure decent living conditions for displaced people and host communities.

  • Restoration of Governance and Reconciliation in Crisis-Affected Communities of Ukraine / SIDA-SDC funded

    The project’s aim is to overcome the negative consequences of the armed conflict in the Donbas, reduce the risk of its reoccurrence, and address existing grievances. This Project establishes a reliable monitoring system for conflict-affected areas. It provides technical and advisory assistance for the reorganization of local governance and the resumption of basic services. The project also promotes reconciliation and social cohesion.

Democratic Governance

  • Procurement Support Services to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

    The challenges and failures of the Ministry of Health’s public procurement and supply programme resulted in a two-year gap of available medicine in the country from 2013-2015. At the request of the Ministry of Health, this project will procure a range of medicines and related medical products as an emergency measure in 2015 and ongoing years as needed. The programme will also build the capacity needed to support a transparent and cost-effective procurement system for the Ministry.

  • Civil Society for Enhanced Democracy and Human Rights in Ukraine

    The project aims to enhance the institutional capacity of civil society actors in the regions of Ukraine to have a stronger impact on the reform processes in the country in the areas of democracy and human rights and to contribute to more inclusive, democratic and rights-based governance through enhanced capacity, better coordination and networking.

Environment and Energy

  • Integrating Rio Convention Provisions into Ukraine’s National Policy Framework

    The goal of this project is to catalyze Ukraine's implementation of the three Rio Conventions on a strengthened policy and institutionally sustainable development baseline. To this end, the project will focus on mainstreaming Rio Convention provisions into Ukraine's broader national development framework and strengthening related capacities to implement this framework

  • Ukraine Energy Security Expert Hub (Phase II)

    The project aims to strengthen the capacity of the Government of Ukraine to develop and implement the energy security policy, which is one of the top governmental priorities. The Project will focus on the provision of the technical, expert assistance as well as advisory services to the Government of Ukraine to develop and subsequently implement a decisive action plan to strengthen energy security (ES), provide more linear impact on the ES policy implementation, and further facilitate Ukraine’s acquis process to the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement as related to the EU development agenda and requirements in the area of energy security.

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