Recovery & Peacebuilding

  • Restoration of Governance and Reconciliation in Crisis-Affected Communities of Ukraine / SIDA-SDC funded

    The project’s aim is to overcome the negative consequences of the armed conflict in the Donbas, reduce the risk of its reoccurrence, and address existing grievances. This Project establishes a reliable monitoring system for conflict-affected areas. It provides technical and advisory assistance for the reorganization of local governance and the resumption of basic services. The project also promotes reconciliation and social cohesion.

  • Restoration of Governance and Reconciliation in Crisis-Affected Communities of Ukraine / EU-funded

    The joint project will apply approaches to development that are based on Human Rights and gender equality, which make beneficiaries the agents of their own development rather than the mere passive recipients of external aid and services. Such approaches also place special emphasis on promotion of gender equality and ensuring gender-sensitive approaches throughout implementation of the proposed interventions.

  • Early Recovery Programme

    The EIB-supported programme provides early recovery investments on critical infrastructure in conflict-affected areas, and basic needs to ensure decent living conditions for displaced people and host communities.

  • Rule of Law and Community Justice for Conflict-Affected Areas in Ukraine

    The project will pilot a series of interventions, which build upon UNDP’s traditional strengths in Ukraine: community-based development, civil society networks, and public engagement. It will provide a two-way link between local communities and the national level reform efforts, as well as serving to strengthen reconstruction efforts in the Eastern part of Ukraine.

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