Democratic Governance

UNDP assists the Government, civil society and people of Ukraine in advancing democratic policies and practices needed to accelerate progress on sustainable human development; empowering civil society; promoting decentralization and local governance; advocating for human rights and gender equality; ensuring that all Ukrainian citizens can enjoy access to justice; and supporting anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine.

Our Goals

UNDP will continue focusing on the promotion of open government practices, rule of law and human rights, greater transparency and accountability at all levels of the government as well as citizens' engagement in policy- and decision-making processes.more

Democratic Governance

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Projects and Initiatives

  • EUBAM provides on-the-job training, technical assistance and advice to the Moldovan and Ukrainian border guard and customs services, reinforcing their capacity to tackle customs fraud, detect cases of smuggling and THB (trafficking in human beings), and carry out effective border and customs controls and border surveillance. The Mission provides dedicated training courses on key customs and border-control issues such as risk analysis and anti-smuggling techniques, organises study visits to EU member States in order to observe EU best practice and engage in information exchange, and at all stages tries to encourage improved inter-agency cooperation and harmonization within each State, and on the cross-border level between the counterpart services of Moldova and Ukraine.more 

  • Democratization, Human Rights and Civil Society Development Programme in Ukraine

    The new Democratization, Human Rights and Civil Society Development Programme in Ukraine (2013 - 2016) funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and implemented by UNDP Ukraine is a nation-scale 4-year initiative which runs from 1 January 2013 until 31 December 2016. It works to strengthen capacities of the civil society organizations to be resilient and effective promoters of democratic values, support human rights actors to promote and defend human rights in Ukraine, as well as foster participatory and result-driven Government-CSO dialogue. We have a goal in fostering emergence of an open and democratic society which is based on the rule of law, and is governed by the values of human rights supremacy, openness and accountability at all levels of government.more 

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