Enabling a new Generation of Activists: Personal Democracy Forum

Personal Democracy Forum 2016

Kyiv, 22 June 2016 – More than 180 Ukrainian and international specialists in civic technology, transparency, accountability, and policy making gathered at the Personal Democracy Forum Ukraine to talk about networking democracy.

Aimed at sharing experience in Ukraine and abroad in creating innovative civic projects and initiatives based on the latest technologies,the Personal Democracy Forum brought together international trainers from all over Central and Eastern Europe around 20 sessions and open discussions focused on how openness and collaboration are central to contemporary democracy, covering such topics as open data, electronic governance, smart cities, and digital journalism.

Discussion highlighted how using technology for social and political causes can increase transparency, openness, and democracy of the government, as well as engage the public in the decision-making process at the state level.

This exchange of expertise is expected to ultimately allow for teh advent of more transparent, engaging, user-friendly and less corrupt state agencies, procedures, services, and approaches to governance in Ukraine.

Opening the Forum, UNDP Deputy Country Director in Ukraine, Blerta Cela, addressed the importance of inclusive policy making: "Democratization efforts take a while and even with the use of technology development results take time. These efforts are yet necessary 'to ensure that no one is left behind.' Therefore, UNDP provides support to the citizen-centred development in Ukraine guided by the Unites Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. The key point to reach a success here is cooperation – governments, private sector, civil society, and citizens – all need to do the best in their area of competence."

About the Forum

Personal Demoracy Forum 2016

The Personal Democracy Forum was launched in New York in 2004. Since then, the event has expanded to several countries and regions all around the world. The Personal Democracy Forum Poland – Central Eastern Europe (PDF PL CEE), organised annually since 2013, has become the biggest event devoted to technology, democracy, and civic engagement in the region. This year's Personal Democracy Forum PL CEE and the Personal Democracy Forum Ukraine are both organized under the TransparenCEE network umbrella, in an effort to bring communities from the region closer together.

The Personal Democracy Forum Ukraine is organized by TechSoup Europe, ePaństwo Foundation, and Civil Network OPORA in a partnership with the United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine and other partners.

UNDP has seized this opportunity to give access to its sub-national partners – civic activists and municipal officials – to the wealth of expertise gathered at the Forum, in particular to UNDP national, regional, and global experience in e-democracy and open data.

For further information, please contact Diana Zubko at diana.zubko@undp.org

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