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Breath of fresh air for Lugansk

The municipality of Lugansk took an environmental hotspot - a landfill with over three million tons of waste - and turned it into an opportunity. They cleaned it up, established a system to capture the methane emitted from the landfill, and are now burning the methane gas as a way to reduce overall more


Can innovation improve people’s lives? You bet

  Today UNDP is operating in an environment that is more complex, fast-changing, interconnected and more diverse than ever before. Exponential growth and connectivity and the use of mobile technologies are making possible unprecedented access to real-time news, information and ideas, enabling pmore


Low carbon development to drive economic growth in Ukraine

Ever since economic crises hit Ukraine in 2009, the economy has been facing severe challenges. Thirteen years back, it was the combination of high export demand for industrial products together with low energy prices that kick-started a period of almost ten years of strong economic growth. Today, a more


Renewable Energy in Eastern Ukraine : For the children of the Town of Bryanka, the answer was blowing in the wind

Dr Sergei Kuptsov smiles wryly as he remembers the bad old days when his office would be plunged into darkness once or twice a week because the power had failed again,  turning off most of the hospital’s medical equipment and all of its refrigerators and thereby threatening  the survival omore

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World Water Day 2013
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