Local Development

In our local development programmes, targeting both urban and rural areas, we put a strong emphasis on community self-empowerment and regeneration, building up the spirit of self-organization and social inclusion. With UNDP’s support, local communities establish and maintain partnerships with central and local governments, private sector and international donors and thus improve local infrastructure, generate self-employment, promote entrepreneurship, and improve most needed social services (e.g. educational, medical, water supply and others).

Our Goals

Recognising the successes and commonalities of community-led activities, UNDP will continue applying a comprehensive approach to promoting self-sustained local development and democratic local governance by means of coupling a cost-effective and replicable community development model with central policy advisory services/advocacy and capacity development among local authorities.more

Local Development

Local Communities in the Actionmore

Our Stories

Better Life for Families with Children with Disabilities

Day Care Centres for children with disabilities have not existed in Ukraine before, although this practice is well-known and widespread in the world. This model wasmore 

UNDP Project helps local communities and authorities to listen to each other and become partners

Empowering communities: Our happiness is in our own hands

For 10 years Oksana Shostak lived in an apartment with a ceiling which leaked every time it rained or snowed. The roof of her multi-apartment housemore 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • Municipal Governance and Sustainable Development Programme

    UNDP Project “Municipal Governance and Sustainable Development Programme” aims at building capacity for political participation of the local communities and municipalities into decision making process and using this capacity for multi-stakeholders cooperation and multi-sectoral interventions geared towards strengthening of urban/ social/ economic/ environmental governance ultimately leading to sustainable development. The Project works at the level of communities, municipal and national levels.more 

  • Every Drop Matters

    Every Drop Matters is designed by Coca-Cola Foundation and United Nations Development Programme as a regional partnership initiative in the countries of Europe and CIS, aiming at increasing access to safe drinking water, facilitating the use of environmentally sound industrial technologies, and promote responsible water resource management by outreach and awareness raising activities.more 

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