Our Stories

  • Big Stories of Small Businesses

    How do you start all over again, when you have lost everything? Watch the inspiring stories of women and men who fled Donbas to survive, and ended up bringing life and relief to their host community as they opened their own business.

  • Empowering  communities: Our happiness is in our own hands

    After 10 years of a leaking ceiling and cracked roof, with no municipal funds to fix it, Oksana realized that if she didn’t take matters into her own hands her family was destined to live in a mouldy apartment in an increasingly dilapidated building. It was high time to act.

  • Better Life for Families with Children with Disabilities

    Until he was six years old Alex Tsyganyk, a fair-haired autistic boy with a gleaming smile, had never spent a single day in a kindergarten. Unlike other children, he had to stay at home with his mom all the time. Being confined to his home all the time increased the risks of being socially excluded when he grew up.