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Economic growth will not reduce poverty and inequality and generate employment opportunities unless it is inclusive. UNDP therefore promotes broad-based and sustainable human development, working to reduce poverty in all its dimensions. UNDP’s work in poverty reduction and economic development in Ukraine supports the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) aimed at halving poverty by 2015 through policy support, capacity development and technical assistance aimed at fostering robust, equitable growth and well-managed development processes.

UNDP aims to improve the enabling environment for investment and employment creation in Ukraine through its support to government in formulating and implementing development strategies and policies. In providing technical advice and capacity and institution building assistance, UNDP seeks to foster pro-poor growth through greater meaningful employment and livelihood opportunities for the marginalized and most vulnerable segments of society, particularly youth and women.

What We Do

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Overall UNDP's goal in Ukraine is to support the national Government in overcoming poverty, reducing inequality and improving living standards across the country.

UNDP, therefore, assists the country in formulating, implementing and monitoring of MDGs-based national development policies and strategies, centred on inclusive growth. In particular, UNDP supports enhancement of institutional capacity of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, a leading executive authority responsible for planning and implementing programmes for economic and social development and realizing the national MDGs-based polices. In addition, UNDP Ukraine assists the national authorities in policy formulation and implementation, capacity development and expanding public policy dialogue on macroeconomic policy and strategic planning.

UNDP Ukraine supports the preparation of the National Millennium Development Goals reports as a tool for public advocacy and National Human Development Reports as a tool for policy advocacy among major stakeholders to trigger action for human development with the aim of building statistical capacity for monitoring poverty and inequality and using statistics for improving policy design. UNDP raises public awareness about MDGs in Ukraine by carrying out MDGs public education and advocacy events to foster national policy dialogue.

UNDP supports the Government of Ukraine and the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine in accelerating the implementation of the reforms in the social policy and achieving Ukraine’s short- and mid-term social and economic development goals. This includes the provision of high-level advisory support for revision or elaboration of the necessary legislative documents and strategies in the key areas of the social sector reform, namely pension reform, social security, social assistance and social services, and enhancement of capacity of the Ministry of Social Policy for the successful implementation of the social sector reforms. This also includes testing various approaches for expanding the access to community-based social services through diversification of the service providers and expansion of the menu of social services, as well as testing an innovative mechanism for sustainable job generation for unemployed at pre-retirement age.

UNDP Ukraine contributes to the implementation of pro-poor trade-related policy reforms and trade capacity development measures on the national and local levels. UNDP facilitates international trade on the national and local level by supporting the development of national strategic documents to promote trade, optimizing the institutional framework, and providing technical assistance to small and medium local businesses with a view to promote exports.

UNDP Ukraine works to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and reduce its impact. It helps national partners to put HIV/AIDS at the centre of national development, build national capacity for HIV/AIDS multi-sector and sub-regional responses, addressing vulnerability and human rights aspects of people living with HIV and their families. In addition, UNDP develops the national capacity in preventing drug abuse and fighting drug trafficking in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine as well as to improve regional cooperation in this field. Finally, UNDP Ukraine facilitates a proactive inclusion of people with disabilities into the society, including into the open labour market, in order to safeguard their equal rights and opportunities and contribute to poverty reduction among this particular group of people.