What Future We Want? Ask The Students

1st Place. Free of Charge

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What is our vision of the Future We Want? How post-2015 Agenda should look like? What issues and challenges are capable of uniting the world? What development goals should be prioritized for humanity after 2015?

We posted these questions to an unusual crowd –Advertising, Design, and Marketing students from Ukraine, Russia and BelarusAnd, no doubt, have received many interesting and out-of-the-box answers.

Social advertising is an increasingly vital tool for galvanizing public opinion and generating the “noise” that brings about meaningful change. And in any society young people are the development accelerator and the driving force that can, and have to play a key role in shaping a better future.

3rd place: The Invisible Ones

With this in mind UNDP Ukraine has partnered with the 8th Student Advertising Festival with a title nomination named the “Future We Want” which is based on the UN Secretary General initiative, Millennium Development Goals and Post-2015 Agenda.

We have received over a thousand videos and images from the young people reflecting on and expressing their own vision of better future and challenges that need to be tackled. The issues ranged from gender equality, homeless or unwanted children, HIV prevention, cultural diversity and tolerance, environmental protection to substance abuse prevention. It was refreshing to see that Ukrainian advertising and marketing students are increasingly interested in covering topical issues of the global agenda as we witnessed during this contest. Besides that majority of entries were done at a very high level.

8th Ukrainian Student Advertising Festival