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  • UNDP is committed to continue support for anti-corruption reforms in Ukraine; encouraged by the appreciation expressed by NACP Feb 16, 2018

    UNDP has been supporting the ongoing anti-corruption reforms in Ukraine since 2014, with a focus on innovation for transparency and integrity. UNDP is a long-standing partner of the Government of Ukraine in implementing reforms. While the Government and the respective state bodies and institutions lead the process and set priorities, UNDP recognizes that a substantial reduction of corruption, as required by the Global Agenda 2030, will only be possible with a prominent role of civil society and the necessary awareness and attitudes among the general public.

  • Play takes audience on journey from disrespect and condemnation to tolerance and friendship Feb 12, 2018

    The play “He Is My Sister” featuring Ukrainian theatre stars Anatoly Khostikoyev and Volodymyr Horyansky, was performed in in Kramatorsk and Severodonetsk on Feb. 9-10 respectively, giving a fresh perspective on social stereotypes and showing the fundamental essence of human relationships that are masked by incredulity and scandal.

  • Shelter for violence survivors opens in Sloviansk Feb 8, 2018

    A shelter to give social and psychological assistance to women who have suffered from violence or ill-treatment has opened in Sloviansk, Donetsk Oblast. The facility will be a safe place for women who have suffered from various forms of gender-based violence, where they can temporarily stay to receive the psychological, social and legal support they need to restore their own inner strengths and make decisions about their future lives.

  • Citizens’ Advisory Bureau helps conflict-affected people get back on their feet Feb 1, 2018

    A story of resilience in the face of blows of fate. An elderly women from Chermalyk village, Donetsk region affected by the conflict, manage to revive her sheep farm with assistance from сitizens’ advisory bureau supported by the UNDP and the governments of Sweden and Switzerland.

  • A network of hubs lets civil society flourish across Ukraine Feb 1, 2018

    Watch the videos about CSO-hubs for civil society development in the regions. The SCO network was supported by UNDP as part of a program to support civil society at the local level. In 2018 network will expand from 9 to 15 civil society organizations.

  • Online learning platform breaks the record: anti-corruption course gained unprecedented popularity Jan 26, 2018

    A Conflict of Interest: Need to Know! online course, hosted on the Prometheus e-learning platform, set a world record. An unprecedented 39% of users have successfully completed the online course, which was launched on 9 December 2017 to mark the International Anti-Corruption Day.

  • Four child and adult hemophilia medicines have arrived in Ukraine. UNDP and MOH saved another 36 mln of budget Hryvnias Jan 23, 2018

    Four human coagulation factor medicines for treatment of hemophilia in adults and children have arrived in Ukraine. Thanks to efficient procurement process by UNDP, another 36 mln Hryvnia of state budget funds are already saved through procurement of adult and child hemophilia medicines.

  • Young activists teach peers how to defend themselves against domestic violence and bullying Jan 11, 2018

    Mariupol teenagers are training their peers how to protect themselves from domestic violence and bullying. The level of violence is high in the conflict-torn Donetsk region, where the industrial seaport city of Mariupol is located. The young activists underwent special psychological and security training supported by the UNDP, with financial support from the European Union, and are now passing on skills they learned, organizing training for children in other schools of their city.

  • Shortage of public resources in Ukrainian health sector magnified by inefficiencies Jan 5, 2018

    Based on the findings, the study recommends measures to improve both quality of service and efficiency of health spending. Accelerating the implementation of the healthcare reform will help shift from input-based to results-based financing in healthcare. Explicit definition of health benefit packages, together with implementation of contracting mechanisms, will help better channel available public resources to provide guaranteed medical services to citizens.

  • Weekend of unlimited opportunities: together we are creating the world comfortable for all Jan 5, 2018

    To celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the United Nations in Ukraine, particularly the UN Development Programme and UN Volunteers, together with the National Assembly of Persons with Disabilities and the movement “Tak Maye Buty” organized a flash mob called The Weekend of unlimited opportunities.

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