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  • Big future for small businesses: first East Expo 2017 welcomes 100 business and 4,000 visitors in conflict-affected Donbas Mar 27, 2017

    Over 100 businesses took part in the two business expos that were held as two-day events first in Kramatorsk and then in Severodonetsk. Not only did small business owners and managers from various industries present their products and services, but they also took part in peer-to-peer networking, and advanced business training. They also used the event to identify potential partners and find new clients.

  • World TB Day 2017: Timely TB identification and treatment are essential for successful recovery Mar 22, 2017

    About a quarter of a million people are currently suffering from tuberculosis (TB) in Ukraine. While incidence of TB is decreasing, multi-drug-resistant TB is on the rise, and timely access to diagnostics and treatment is still an issue. Recent combined efforts of the Ministry of Health, MOH Public Health Center, UN agencies, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria and civil society helped ensure access to care and change the approach by providing TB prevention and treatment outside of healthcare facilities.

  • 3 reasons to care about civic literacy Mar 16, 2017

    To assess the level of civic literacy in Ukraine, UNDP has commissioned a sociologic survey that was conducted in July-September 2016. We have also commissioned a similar study in Moldova, while Pact Inc had a similar exercise in Belarus. The concept of "Citizenship of the 21 century" was used as a baseline methodology and allowed us to compare the findings from three countries in the areas of civic knowledge, civic behaviour, civic attitudes and beliefs, and prospects for civic education.

  • How to file e-declarations: NACP and UNDP launch online course for civil servants Mar 13, 2017

    Amid the ongoing rollout of the 2nd wave of e-declaration for Ukrainian civil servants, during which the number of declarants is to increase at least sevenfold, NACP and UNDP with the support of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs have developed an online course on how to file e-declarations.

  • Students against corruption Mar 6, 2017

    Students in 13 universities across Ukraine are receiving first-hand knowledge on newly-established Ukrainian anti-corruption institutions to boost young people’s awareness of the fight against corruption in the country.

  • Gender, money and power determine perceptions of justice and security in Ukraine - new UNDP report Mar 1, 2017

    UNDP launched a new report on ‘Justice and Security: Perspectives of Communities in Three Oblasts’. The report has revealed that for the most issues the responses are very similar across the oblasts. Apart from some differences for people living within 20km of the contact line, people in all three oblasts have similar concerns and attitudes. By contrast, our report shows that there are very clear differences based on economic status, gender and to a lesser extent, whether people live in rural or urban areas.

  • World Rare Disease Day: UNDP helps protect the constitutional right of all patients to healthcare Feb 28, 2017

    UNDP joins the initiative of the patient community to support patients with rare diseases (so-called orphan diseases) receive life-saving medicines. Worldwide, it is estimated that about 30 percent of children with rare diseases will die before reaching their fifth birthday. In a ground-breaking new procurement program established by the Parliament of Ukraine, which is now being replicated in other countries of the region, UNDP has completed procurement of medicines related to four orphan diseases, with finalization for three more underway and four more planned in the coming months.

  • The Coalition ‘Justice for Peace in the Donbas’ strategized how to improve access to justice in 2017 Feb 22, 2017

    17 Coalition member NGOs dealing with conflict-related human rights violations reviewed their legal work in 2016 and agreed on the further steps for more effective redress, support and prevention.

  • Animated stories: Young people call for justice and peace in conflict-affected Ukraine Feb 20, 2017

    On the occasion of the World Day of Social Justice on Feb. 20, UNDP brought together 20 boys and girls aged between seven and 15 for a two-day animation workshop. There, they learned about the basic techniques used to create animated stories, and how to advance the principle of social justice by removing barriers that people face due to disability, low social status, ethnicity, gender or race.

  • Social Innovations: New Ways to Solve Old Problems Feb 16, 2017

    UNDP co-organized the conference on measuring social change in order to exchange knowledge and practices on social innovations among civic activists, and to build the capacity of CSOs on social impact management.