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  • #UnitedAgainstCorruption: educating youth and students for a future Ukraine free of corruption. Dec 9, 2016

    On International Anti-Corruption Day, UNDP in Ukraine focuses on educating the youth on ethical and corrupt-free behaviours through a comprehensive multimedia course introduced today in Ukrainian schools to ensure the integrity of Ukraine’s future professionals and curb this serious crime that undermines social and economic development in all societies.

  • Only 41% of Ukrainians try to protect their rights when violated, poll says Dec 8, 2016

    On the eve of the international Human Rights Day, the Ombudsperson’s Office and the Human Rights Information Centre unveiled the key findings of their joint Human Rights Baseline Study, supported by UNDP in order to help Ukraine address the human rights challenges it faces.

  • Shaping the futures of young people and women in Donbas Dec 8, 2016

    UNDP brings together over 150 young people and women from Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts to design grassroot solutions to their specific economic and social challenges and provide insights into economic opportunities, business development, community mobilization, human rights, and protection against gender-based violence.

  • Corruption prevention and exposure: training the trainers Dec 6, 2016

    NACP with UNDP support has developed a training course aimed at raising state and local government officials’ awareness of the new anti-corruption legislation and equip them with practical tools to implement the new regulatory provisions.

  • Mobilizing volunteers for peace and development in Eastern Ukraine Dec 5, 2016

    On the occasion of International Volunteer Day on December 5th, UN Development Programme in Ukraine partnered with UN Volunteers to promote volunteerism and mobilize local communities to strengthen peace and development in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

  • Empowering civil society to advance reforms in Ukraine Nov 30, 2016

    5th Civil Society Development Forum brought together 1200 Ukrainian civil society professionals to promote best practices that ensure the development of adequate skills and organizational capacities to ultimately enable civil society to effectively move the reform process forward in Ukraine.

  • How to protect the integrity of Ukraine’s medical procurement against corruption? Nov 25, 2016

    New UNDP assessment of the level of vulnerability of the health procurement sector’s integrity highlights the central role of the legislation, regulatory and management environments in allowing corruption and collusion to occur, and provides recommendations to effectively reform the Ukrainian health procurement system.

  • First weeks of UNDP medicine procurement for 2016 already show USD 3 million in savings Nov 25, 2016

    Few weeks in UNDP’s renewed medicine procurement cycle for 2016, amounts contracted so far already show savings of USD 3 million compared to prices from 2015, which are immediately reallocated to the procurement of additional medicines to supply more patients suffering from rare diseases with essential treatment.

  • #EachOther: A nationwide campaign for social inclusion and cohesion Nov 23, 2016

    We are launching a nationwide campaign in Ukraine called “We Need Each Other” (#EachOther) to foster mutual understanding and the social cohesion of Ukraine's communities. The programme aims to break down the stereotypes and prejudices that hinder the inclusion of 1.7 million forcibly displaced people from the Donbas region and Crimea in host communities around Ukraine.

  • Luhansk Regional Development Agency now operational Nov 23, 2016

    The newly-created Luhansk Regional Development Agency has been provided with the necessary office equipment enabling it to start working on the region’s recovery and development.