• Progress in procurement of medicines for adult oncology and child oncology and oncohematology programs May 24, 2017

    According to the agreement with the Ministry of Health, UNDP carries out procurement of medicines and medical devices under 23 programs, including the areas of adult and child oncology and oncohematology. To date, 92 to 96 lots ordered by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine under the adult oncology program, are procured.

  • Report: Ukraine should channel support to SMEs through big banks May 12, 2017

    According to the report, which was prepared by the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting and commissioned by UNDP in Ukraine, the newly-nationalized PrivatBank and the state savings bank Oschadbank would be the ideal conduit to pump funds into the more isolated areas of the country.

  • Civil society scrutinizes Ukraine’s human rights efforts ahead of UN Periodical Review Apr 26, 2017

    In November 2017, Ukraine will present its national report to the UN Human Rights Council under the 3rd cycle of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) mechanism. This provides the opportunity for each UN Member State to declare what actions they have taken to improve the human rights situation in their country, and to fulfil their human rights obligations.

  • Over 7,000 conflict-affected people turn to UNDP-supported citizen's advisory bureaus Apr 12, 2017

    In March 2016, UNDP set up four сitizens advisory bureaus to support the government in providing administrative, psychological and legal aid to the vulnerable population in the atermath of the conflict in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.

  • Creating new jobs to meet the needs of families in Luhansk, eastern Ukraine Apr 10, 2017

    In 2 years, UNDP’s jobs co-financing and small grants programmes resulted into creation of over 440 new jobs in Luhansk region.

  • Human rights survey, Ombudsman+ and Anti-discrimination Barometer: three ways to support human rights in Ukraine Apr 5, 2017

    UNDP Ukraine is supporting the Parliamentary Commissioner for Human Rights, also known as the Ombudsperson, with many different activities. Find out three main highlights of our achievements.

  • 12 crowdfunding campaigns you can support Mar 31, 2017

    A new website allows any internet user from Ukraine and other countries to select their favourite business idea developed by IDPs from Donbas, and financially support it with only a few clicks. This is the result of the Crowdfunding Academy carried out earlier in 2017 by UNDP with support from the British Embassy in Ukraine.

  • 3 reasons to care about civic literacy Mar 16, 2017

    To assess the level of civic literacy in Ukraine, UNDP has commissioned a sociologic survey that was conducted in July-September 2016. We have also commissioned a similar study in Moldova, while Pact Inc had a similar exercise in Belarus. The concept of "Citizenship of the 21 century" was used as a baseline methodology and allowed us to compare the findings from three countries in the areas of civic knowledge, civic behaviour, civic attitudes and beliefs, and prospects for civic education.

  • How to file e-declarations: NACP and UNDP launch online course for civil servants Mar 13, 2017

    Amid the ongoing rollout of the 2nd wave of e-declaration for Ukrainian civil servants, during which the number of declarants is to increase at least sevenfold, NACP and UNDP with the support of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs have developed an online course on how to file e-declarations.

  • Students against corruption Mar 6, 2017

    Students in 13 universities across Ukraine are receiving first-hand knowledge on newly-established Ukrainian anti-corruption institutions to boost young people’s awareness of the fight against corruption in the country.

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