Ukraine Engaged In UN Process to Determine World's Global Priorities

Jan 24, 2013

The process of national consultations to set priorities and to formulate recommendations on development priorities after 2015, actively involving a wide range of professionals and the public, started in Ukraine today. The national consultations will take place in Ukraine within the framework of a global process initiated by UN in 100 countries, with the overall purpose of determining development priorities and goals for the future.

Since their adoption in 2000, the Millennium Development Goals have served as a common foundation for the global action and cooperation in the development sphere and set priorities in international development until the year 2015, based on eight targets, ranging from halving poverty to halting the spread of HIV / AIDS and to ensuring universal primary education, etc.

Over the 12 years of the Millennium Development Goals implementation, the international community has achieved many positive changes in the lives of billions of people. The task of reducing extreme poverty by half and the number of people with no access to drinking water was fulfilled 5 years earlier than 2015. Living conditions have been improved for over 200 million inhabitants of slums, which more than twice exceeds the 2020 targets. Girls and boys have equal access to primary education. The effect of a decrease in infant and maternal mortality rates have become ever more noticeable. At the same time, a lot more remains to be done to overcome extreme poverty, disease and environmental crises.

With the end of the MDG time period less than three years away, the United Nations initiated and launched an open and inclusive process of defining and shaping the development priorities and goals for the period after 2015.

This process will unfold at the global, regional and national levels, involving a wide range of participants in order to enable people from all over the world to contribute to the formation of a global vision and priorities "of the future we want" with clear recommendations to authorities, the civil society and stakeholders.

The aim of the national consultations in Ukraine, taking place under the leadership of the Ukrainian Government in cooperation with the UN system, will be a consultative process through encouraging open and multilateral debate involving different stakeholders and the public regarding the setting of development priorities that meet their views and expectations, reflecting their ideas and visions. The collected information and recommendations will be used as the basis for the national report to be submitted in March 2013 to the UN Secretary General, as Ukraine's contribution to the global report."

Earlier, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called for creation of a "bold and realistic" program to set development priorities after 2015. Mr. Ban Ki-moon noted that currently the world is living through a period of a deep turmoil and crises, while threats to security, inequality and prejudice against vulnerable populations continue to spread.

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