UNDP and Crimean Government discuss future programmes

Jul 23, 2013

Alessandra Tisot, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative visited the Council of Ministers, and met with the leading Crimean political and NGO experts to discuss current situation in the region and perspectives for cooperation with UNDP.

UN Resident Coordinator paid visit to the Council of Ministers of the AR Crimea where she met with Mr. Valeriy Palchuk, Deputy Chairman of Council of Ministers of the ARC. During the meeting the participants discussed the areas of cooperation between UNDP and the Crimean government.

Achievements of UNDP in the field of regional development impress with the scope and real results bringing innovative approaches to enhancing absorption capacities, strategic planning and investment promotion. The UNDP work in Crimea proved to be very effective, and we are going to continue joint work for the better future of Crimea,” shared Mr. Palchuk.

In the framework of the meeting partners agreed to set up a working group to develop programmatic engagement of UNDP in Crimea after 2013 in five main fields: support to the regional development agency, agriculture and horticulture development, small business development, export potential development, and capacity building for regional development.

Ms. Tisot expressed her appreciation for active position of the government and expressed readiness for effective cooperation, “UNDP will work with the government to unpack these 5 spheres and to understand where UNDP can come in to bring the best values added. We believe that jointly we consolidate our efforts to support the real processes.” – “We need to look at how to set up financing mechanisms to create win-win situation for development of the region. Currently we, together with our governmental partners, think about how to build upon the community mobilization experience to support improved economic capacities of people and institutions. In this respect UNDP, due to its neutrality, may serve as a key broker in bringing various partners to a common table for negotiations and work” – she added.

The goal of meetings with local experts in the area human security and regional development was to discuss the current socio-economic situation in Crimea, and finding the ways to meet human security and development needs of the multi-ethnic Crimean population, taking into account the extensive UNDP experience in community development.

Our goal is to search for the new mechanisms of work in Crimea, innovative methods for addressing human security needs, including conflict prevention, tolerance building, equitable development, multi lingual education,” explained Ms. Tisot, “UNDP’s mediation role may go beyond on-going projects, we need to think about systemic changes brought by capacity building initiatives. Naturally, we need to build this on lessons UNDP learnt during its previous programming phase in Crimea.”

Among the topics brought up at the meeting the participants also shared various opinions in the field of regional development, including agriculture, strategic planning, investment potential, and civil society development and other spheres as prerequisite for effective regional development. UN Resident Coordinator emphasized importance of successful cooperation of UNDP and public sector addressing the human security and regional development needs of the multi-ethnic population of the region and expressed hopes for further effective cooperation,

Providing quality institutional development and policy advisory support at the republican level are crucial for enhancing public dialogue, interethnic understanding, peace building and economic development in Crimea with all stakeholders,” Ms. Tisot stressed.

UN Resident Coordinator had also a meeting with the Head of the Crimean Regional Centre for Investments and Development, and discussed current architecture of investment promotion and attraction in Crimea. She was particularly interested in the opportunities to enhance the cooperation between different actors in the investment sphere in the region. “UNDP is committed to support government in its priority areas, and investment attraction clearly belongs to one of them” – she said. “UNDP will look attentively for niches of possible support in this area.”

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