CBA helps Crimean communities build better life

Jul 24, 2013

UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative Alessandra Tisot visited Community Based Approach project sites in Nizhnegorsky district and met with representatives of  local community and  authorities.

In the second phase of the CBA project launched in 2011, 32 micro projects  which improved lives of 45,000 have been  implemented by the local communities of Crimea with UNDP support.  Three local health posts, 25 schools, kindergartens  serving 29,900  people were repaired and received new equipment. More than 2,000  people got access to drinking water and over 4,000 local residents can now enjoy street lighting.

During the visit Konstantin Bakharev, Chairman of the Permanent Commission of the Verkhovna Rada of Autonomous Republic of Crimea (ARC) on Legislation acknowledged the successful work of the CBA-2 project in terms of local development, “The results achieved led to more focused thinking on how to further develop the territory.”

The UN official visited Akimovka village where local residents got united and formed a community organisation "Akimovskiy Selskiy Komitet" (“Akimovka Village Committee”) to jointly solve local problems. As the first step the village residents have repaired local kindergarten installing energy efficiet windows that helped to cut utility bills and reduced illness among children.

The local authorities emphasized that with the help of the project it became possible to unite and empower community members, make them think about the problems and the solutions of these problems jointly. “Community members unite around problems that they are facing and produce solutions. The united strong community makes it possible to eventually solve any problems occurring on a daily basis” – said Yuriy Mikhaylovich Gotsanyuk, Head of the Administration of Nizhnegorskiy District.

Words of local authorities were supported by a community activist, who stressed the following: ”The CBA project has really pushed us to act, to define our development vision and to assess our resources making it easier to come up with the solutions of the existing problems.”

“The CBA approach contributed to improving services provided by local government, building  trust towards local authorities and establishing effective cooperation between communities and authorities. United by a common goal of their community development, local residents become active partners of local authorities and bodies of local self-government and contribute to sustainable local development.  And the main achievement is that people live better now”- emphasized UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative.

“What came out today clearly is that the process which involves finding solutions, developing the project application, getting funding, etc. is as important as the results. Now when communities are mobilized and can actively participate in the decision-making process, it is time to consider how we move beyond the stage, providing that the authorities have a wonderful platform to work with” – Ms. Tisot added.

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