Kyiv National University hosts Social Good Summit

Sep 24, 2013

How social media, innovation and technology can be used to make the world a better place?  This was a central theme and a key question that leading Ukrainian  social innovators and trend-setters were discussing and trying to find answers to at the Social Good Summit Ukrainian event. Organized by UNDP Ukraine jointly with National Shevchenko University  the forum convened  representatives from academia, key development speakers, civil society, government officials, entrepreneurs, students, journalists and technologists to discuss best practices and present ground-breaking development ideas that can turn the biggest challenges faced by our world today into opportunities for growth, development, and progress. Policy-makers from the State Innovation Agency,  the Institute of Telecommunications and Global Information, experts from TEDx Ukraine,  Microsoft, Intel, Decom and IBM and young inventors from the National University School of Cybernetics and  Youth Center of the National  Academy of Sciences of Ukraine discussed and presented their social innovation projects. Innovative software to facilitate sign-language learning for first response and emergency  workers, crowdfunding platform helping social innovators to find financial support, harnessing wind energy in unfavorable conditions using the adaptive wind turbine, ultrasound navigator for visually challenged people, radiological cancer treatment minimizing side effects, in-build  car device preventing drunk-driving, knowledge management sharing through “We develop e-governance” platform, using Facebook  to raise money for  children cancer clinic, role of business in supporting social innovation initiatives – these are just a few projects, initiatives and topics that have been presented, scrutinized and discussed by the experts and journalists.

Ukrainian event was part of  the global Social Good Summit that took place in New York City and around the globe.



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