Ukraine Wins the My World Outreach Award for Europe and North America

25 Sep 2013


The United Nations Country Team in Ukraine was recognized for achieving the widest outreach among the regions of Europe and North America in the “My World” global survey, which was initiated by the United Nations in order to ensure that all people of the world participate in the development agenda after 2015.

Reaching out to 13,000 participants was possible through fruitful cooperation with the Ukrainian government and national partners.

Accepting the award on behalf of Ukraine, Ms. Ella Libanova, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, member of the official delegation of Ukraine, and Team Leader of the Preparation of the National Post-2015 Development Agenda Report said: “I was privileged to be part of the post-2015 process and team and I can assure you that this award is a well-deserved result of the efforts, energy and drive put in by our inspired and motivated team, which believes in and strives for a better future for the country, its people and future generations. This award also goes to all Ukrainian people who expressed and shared their views on the world they want, contributing to shaping the global development agenda”.

In the survey Ukrainian voters chose six main priorities from a list of 16: better healthcare (61%), an honest and responsive government (59%), a good education (55%), protection against crime and violence (52%), better job opportunities (48%), and access to clean water and sanitation (42%). The survey participants were mainly aged 16 – 45 with equal representation from both men (50.1%) and women (49.9%).

On 10 September the UN Secretary General and United Nations Development Group Chair launched the report, ‘A Million Voices: The World We Want’, based on an unprecedented global consultation on priorities for the Post-2015 development agenda that engaged more than a million people in all 193 UN Member States.

The consultations and surveys revealed that people expect governments and the international community to create conditions for inclusive social and economic development, in peace and security. The call for better education, improved health care services, honest and responsive governments, and jobs has dominated the discussions around the world. People want world leaders to focus on:

  • Completing unfinished business of MDGs by providing everyone in the world – universally – with access to water, food, better health care, and quality education;
  • The management of natural resources, job creation, and security and freedom from violence;
  • Addressing inequalities in terms of obstacles to accessing public services, participating in political processes, or job opportunities.

An Interactive Map has been also launched allowing viewers to explore a map of the My World online platform with the top 16 priorities, data by country, etc.: