Sustainable development for people of Luhansk

10 Oct 2013


Luhansk region has been an active UNDP partner in designing and implementing local sustainable development programme and promoting local development initiatives. For the last several years, a number of projects aimed at introducing innovative approaches that involve the use of renewable energy, improved energy efficiency and pollution control measures have been successfully implemented with UNDP assistance in the region.

Among them, Luhansk landfill flare project stands out as an example of what can be done to turn environmental hotspot into an opportunity.

With UNDP support the municipality of Luhansk and private company "Nadra Luganshyny" have cleaned up the landfill and installed a system to capture and burn the emitted methane, which has a global warming potential 22 times higher than carbon dioxide. In the future, it could also be used to generate electricity for local use. The project is the first of its kind in Ukraine to make use of the market-based mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol for local development initiatives that allow developed countries to meet their emission caps by purchasing carbon credits from developing country projects that reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

The other green projects successfully piloted and implemented in Luhansk include installation of wind generator at local children's hospital that enables non-interrupted electricity flow during frequent power outages, solar panels to provide energy for kindergartens to save resources, conservation and rehabilitation of forests and community awareness raising on energy efficiency in public buildings.

During her visit to Luhank oblast, Alessandra Tissot, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative, met with Eduard Lozovskyy, First Deputy Chairman of the Luhansk Oblast Administration, Valeriy Golenko, Chairman of Luhansk oblast Council, and Sergei Kravchenko, Luhansk Mayor. Ms.Tisot thanked the officials for their active support and commitment to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Programme of Luhansk oblast and fruitful cooperation with UNDP.

"Thanks to UNDP we were able to upscale the community-based approach to local development and mobilize local community throughout the territory of the entire Luhansk Oblast. This has enabled us to attract more local resources for the regional development, and has also contributed to improved cooperation between the local residents and the authorities", - pointed out Eduard Lozovskyy,- "Several regional projects are being conducted in Luhank oblast. We hope that UNDP will continue to work with us on some of them in the future", - emphasized Eduard Lozovskyy.

"All our projects are aimed at helping local authorities and residents of Luhansk to resolve community problems and improve people's lives",- underlined Alessandra Tissot.

The UN official has offered to advance cooperation between UNDP and Luhansk oblast in order to move it to a new level - from the implementation of separate projects to a comprehensive and integrated programme of cooperation aimed at supporting the region in the process of Ukraine's integration with the EU and improving its investment attractiveness.

"Our fruitful cooperation with UNDP enables us to successfully implement large-scale energy saving and environmental projects. I am also convinced that our collaboration will become even more effective, efficient and mutually beneficial in the future", - emphasized Sergei Kravchenko, Luhansk Mayor.