Crimean Government and UNDP to expand cooperation

Oct 23, 2013

The Crimean Council of Ministers and UNDP have signed the Memorandum of Understanding that will  help to deepen cooperation aimed at effective implementation of the Strategy of Economic and Social Development of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea 2011-2020 and achieving higher competitiveness, enhancing investment climate and improving the quality of life of Crimeans.

The document aims to strengthen the capacity and effectiveness of executive  branch and local self-government bodies  to  design and implement  the development strategy of Crimea in the fields of strengthening civil society,  building its image  and promoting Crimea as investment and tourism destination of choice.

UNDP’s support in Crimea has evolved from a focus on actions aimed at reintegrating the formerly deported people in the peninsula’s socio and economic life and improving public and social infrastructure, to expert and advisory support in developing institutional capacities, carrying out policy analysis and policy formulation. Recent consultations had shown significant interest of the Council of Ministers in cooperation in the area of investment promotion, strengthening civil society and image-building and territorial marketing. So far UNDP has invested a total of $ 34 million to provide support to the Crimean government and local communities.

Signing the memorandum Head of the Crimean Government Anatoliy Mogilyov underlined that Crimea highly values cooperation with UNDP and noted: "We have established warm and friendly relations and implemented a number of successful projects. I am sure we have all the opportunities to actively develop our cooperation in the future. "

UNDP Resident Representative Alessandra Tisot  thanked the Head of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea for his support. "Our teams have worked closely on a number of issues. We would like to deepen our cooperation and ensure that our work will continue to be fruitiful. Today relationships between the Council of Ministers and UNDP has entered into a new phase, in which Ukraine being middle income country is no longer a traditional grant recipient and its demand for cooperation has also changed in nature. We need to look for innovative solutions for ensuring resources to boost growth, to build capacities in governance and improve the quality of life of people. The Facility, envisaged by our Memorandum, is one of possible solutions that we currently work on together." - she added.

During the meeting with the Speaker of the  Verkhovna Rada of Crimea, Mr. Vladimir Konstantinov  recognized contribution of UNDP in supporting rural communities to solve their urgent problems, as well as its engagement into public dialogue over development and sensitive issues in the region. “What UNDP brings is not money. It brings back the faith  that people can solve their problems by themselves. Work of UNDP breaks the dependant mentality of people.  Our last our meeting within the Human Security dialogue when we discussed tourism development perspecs in Crimea brought constructive results and revealed a great potential of this platform to influence decision-making at both regional and national level.”

Alessandra Tisot thanked the Speaker for his leadership and support to the work carried by UNDP both in communities as well as within the Human Security initiative. "We hope that the Verkhovna Rada will continue to promote a high-quality public dialogue on human development issues that is key to the peace and stability of Crimea" - she underlined.



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