UNDP-supported e-governance project presented at International Congress

Nov 30, 2013

Kyiv:  An International Scientific Congress, "Information Society in Ukraine," was held in the Ukrainian House with the participation of the representatives of governments , NGOs, academia and research, and international experts in the field of information technologies and e-governance. The major topics of the event included development of information and communication technologies and introduction of e-governance in Ukraine via a knowledge management  (KM) portal. "We are developing the e-governance," created under UNDP support, was presented to the participants.

"Developing information space becomes a more challenging task from year to year as new trends in information and communication technologies appear extremely fast. Therefore, it is important that all participants of informatization processes keep up with the times. This Congress has brought together the representatives of central government, local self-governance bodies, IT business, specialized universities and research institutions and the diplomatic corps asthe discussion platform for the most essential issues of ICT", said Volodymyr Semynozhenko, Head of State Agency for Science, Innovation and Informatization of Ukraine during the inauguration of the International Scientific Congress.

There were three Congress sections: development of e-governance in Ukraine, national and international experience in introducing information, and communication technologies in various spheres of public life. The participants could also review an exhibition of innovative solutions in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT) of leading Ukrainian and international companies.

The organisers appreciated the partners in implementing the Open Government Partnership Initiative, and the winners of the First National Competition of best practices in e-governance were awarded. For the first time in Ukraine, 13 best practices of local self-governance bodies were selected and awarded in the categories "Electronic Services," "Electronic tools for local community," and "E-democracy". Three out of eight winning municipalities are UNDP partners - Ivano-Frankivsk ("Electronic line" and "Introduction of municipal electronic registry for admission of children to kindergartens"), Vinnytsya ("Internal Portal of Vinnytsya City Council”) and Voznesensk ("Introduction of electronic document flow and internal portal in executive bodies of Voznesensk City Council").

Oksana Remiga, UNDP Senior Programme Manager, presented UNDP activities to support the development of e-governance in Ukraine.

UNDP has supported the introduction of e-governance elements in partner municipalities since 2006. In this context, a municipal services quality management system in accordance with international standard ISO 9001 was introduced in five municipalities and e-document flow in two cities. Innovative projects are also supported, like crowdsourcing-based "ECOMISTO", a mobile application for smartphones and tablets with information about Ivano-Frankivsk municipality and administrative services, and hyperlocal social network “E-Idea” in Vinnitsya (implemented by CSO “PARD”). Oksana Remiga informed the Congress that the Open Government Partnership Initiative is a priority for UNDP. To implement the initiative, in partnership with the National Center for E-Government and the State Agency for Science, Innovation and Informatization, a web portal of the OGP created a hackathon called “Open Ideas 4U,” dedicated to ideas on implementation of the Initiative. A knowledge management portal was  created this year [or, in 2013].

The KM Portal "We are developing the e-governance" was presented to the Congress participants by Olesya Arkhypska, Director of the National Center for E-Governance.

"We thank UNDP for support in creating a knowledge management portal. This is a good response to the need to collect best practices in e-governance, which we have experienced for several years, " she said.

By mid-December the portal will be filled with content. The portal will have a Cyrillic domain е-урядування.укр. A depository of the best practices of e-governance will be placed on the portal. Forty-six practices have already been described and placed on the portal which is open for registration with the “Own Cabinet” option and provides opportunity for local self-governance bodies and government agencies to add their new practices. Continuation of the e-governance best practices contest will be based on the portal next year. From now on, owing to the web-portal, the assessment of the practices by the jury will be made interactively online. In the "E-learning" section, a competition will be announced in November for selection of the first 50 students who, at the end of December, with the support of the National Academy of Public Administration, will be able to take distance learning courses. The first 20 people who pass these courses will receive special certificates.

During the Congress, an International Conference called "Practices of implementing e-governance at the regional level" was held on October 30 where the experience and key principles of UNDP support of e-governance in Ukraine were presented.


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