UNDP-supported web-portal "We are developing the e-governance" was launched

Dec 3, 2013

December 2-3, Kyiv: The knowledge management portal "We are developing the e-governance", created with UNDP support, was presented at the conference "E-governance: Practice of Introducing Local Initiatives." The conference was organized by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Office in Ukraine.

The national Knowledge Management Portal "We are developing the e-governance" is a unique platform for the collection, storage and dissemination of information, knowledge and best practices. It is a mechanism for policy formulation and a tool for monitoring and assessing the introduction of e-governance. It also provides distance learning opportunities and interactive tools for organizing the annual National Competition for best practices in the area of e-governance.

The portal has been developed within the UNDP-supported project ‘E-Governance Cities’, managed by the Association of Local Self-Governance Bodies and led by Ms. Olesya Arkhypska, Director of the National Centre for E-governance, who gave the web portal presentation at the conference.

The target audience for the portal includes three groups of users: government agencies and local self-governance bodies, civil society organizations working in the e-governance area, and academia and IT specialists.

On November 29, a training session for trainers was held for 15 participants representing government agencies, NGOs, academia, and IT experts. These trainers will later conduct their own training sessions in the regions for potential users of the portal. During the training, held in the computer lab of the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA), the participants explored the options in 11 modules of the portal and received instructions on further training. Each participant was certified as a trainer-consultant on the issues of working with the portal. Some of the participants joined the distance learning course, which is one of the portal’s modules. The curriculum for this course was developed by NAPA with support from OSCE. On December 20 the first group of 20 distance learning students will complete the course.

At least 120 people will be trained to work with the web-portal during the regional training.

Valentina Darnopyh, Director of Association of "E-Governance Cities", informed the conference attendees about the launch of the awareness campaign on the web portal and its options. Banners for the portal will be placed on the websites of municipalities and partner organizations, and official information letters will be sent to the representatives of the target audience. Also, a national press conference on the official presentation of the portal is scheduled for December.

The developers of the platform, which aims to spread innovative ideas and best practices, expect that it will become a professional expert environment for municipalities, the IT sector, experts, and academia.

It is expected that the portal will be useful and sustainable, as various specialized organizations took responsibility for providing the content and administering the modules. In particular, the "Association of E-Governance Cities” will administer the module "Depository of  Best Practices", NAPA will administer the distance learning course, the National E-governance Center will carry out a readiness assessment of the state authorities, and local self-governance bodies to e-governance will take care of the module "Digital Library".

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