First National TV channel featured UNDP work in the water field

May 7, 2014

Water is essential for life. It covers about 70% of the Earth’s surface and makes up about 70% of our body mass. There is no substitute for water. However, water resources on the planet are limited, and unevenly distributed in time and space.

“UNDP partners with  Ukrainian Government, the private sector  and civil society to implement a  number of successful water projects which focus on rehabilitating natural water springs, developing a comprehensive Monitoring framework of Dnipro’s and Black See’s ecological status,  helping  to elaborate better environmental legislation, introducing modern water purification technologies to plants and factories so that the water they discharge into the rivers is not harmful, helping local communities to restore water networks and teaching children to be environmentally conscious and savvy” - says Sergei Volkov,  UNDP senior programme manager in a TV programme dedicated to the International Year of Water Cooperation and UNDP work in this area.

Through its Local Development projects UNDP Ukraine supported more than a thousand local community projects aimed at improving water supply and sanitation for 400 thousand people. These included reconstruction of hot and cold water supply and sewage system pipelines in houses, construction of street water supply pipelines, restoring community springs and wells as well as installation of drinking water fountains at schools.

The Dnipro Basin Environment Project pilots Cleaner Production Technologies for the small/medium-sized enterprises, developed a comprehensive Monitoring of Dnipro’s ecological status, helps to introduce better environmental legislation and facilitates international cooperation among scientists, officials and experts from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus aimed at integral Dnipro Management. The project helped Ukrainian companies to implement low-cost cleaner production measures that are both affordable, energy efficient and widely-used in developed countries.

New UNDP project “Improving Environmental Monitoring in the Black Sea (EMBLAS)”  funded by the EU and UNDP is working to improve availability and quality of data on the chemical and biological status of the Black Sea and to enhance partner countries' ability to perform marine environmental monitoring.

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