Call for Proposals to Help Internally Displaced People in Ukraine

Aug 21, 2014

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Ukraine issues a call for proposals from non-governmental organizations (NGOs), civil society organizations (CSOs), charities and volunteer organizations, or a consortia of such, to facilitate the recovery process of internally displaced persons (IDPs), helping them to address their current problems and prepare for future needs.

Despite the combined efforts already applied by many different NGOs, volunteers, government agencies and others, displaced people are still facing urgent  and emerging situations, such as:

-          preparing for the winter; many shelters where a significant number of IDPs are housed are not ready for the winter because of an absence of a heating system; lack of afordable or free housing suitable for more permanent residence;

-          difficulties, even impossibility, to obtain official registration at the place of current, temporary residence;obstacles to legal employment due to the lack of official registration, the loss of the paper employment record card and other necessary paperwork, etc.;

-          the lack of available funds for independent arrangements on the part of IDPs, such as lodging, buying necessities, buying  property, etc.;obstacles to access to health care and educational institutions, because of lack of necessary paperwork, distance of current shelter to health care locations or schools, and lack of funds;

-          inability to obtain cash as a result of blocked bank accounts;

-          the lack of information on how to get help and further placement;

-          psychological disorientation, alienation and stress, difficulty in accepting drastic changes in lifestyle , residence, occupational status, etc.

-          problems of social integration in the host communities and discord with other IDPs.

In addition to the problems related to the IDPs, coordination efforts and establishment of appropriate mechanisms for assistance are also high on the agenda. Therefore,  UNDP will also consider support to activities of the public sector aimed at solving the problems of the displaced population.


Proposals may come from NGOs, charities or a consortium of voluntary associations operating in the area of compact residence of displaced persons in Kharkivska, Kyivska, Dnipropetrovska, Odeska, Zaporozhska, Poltavska, Lvivska and/or Donetska oblasts. The contest does not provide grants for-profit organizations, political parties, religious organizations and private (physical)  entities.

-          Proposals will be judged in this competitive grant process by these priority activities:effective coordination at regional and local levels to help displaced persons, including creating mechanisms for information collection, information dissemination, organization of humanitarian aid collection and distribution, coordination of volunteers, mobilising multidisciplinary teams, etc.;

-          assessment of the needs of displaced families/persons and applying the principle of “individual case method” to ensure a personal approach in addressing each person's unique challenges and needs to rebuilding their livelihoods;

-          direct provision of psychological, legal, and informational aid, and social assistance, to displaced persons;

-          facilitating the provision of social, medical, educational, administrative and employment support services for displaced persons that are available through government, public, and NGO institutions and agencies, through research about such services, proper and rapid service referrals to displaced person, with a people-centered approach;

-          cooperation and frequent communication with the local community near IDP settlements, to encourage social cohesion and trust, as well as a favourable environment for displaced persons;

-          setting up and maintaining an informative, frequently-updated online platform for consolidating information and assistance to displaced persons;

-          other initiatives aimed at restoring the life capacity of displaced persons.


Preference will be given to those projects which shall provide co-financing by the Grantee-organization. This contribution can be made both financially and non-financially, such as salaries for staff, volunteer work, office costs, etc.


The total budget for call is 250,000 UAH. The duration of the project is up to 4 months.

Deadline for applications is 17:00, September 3, 2014.

Contact Details:

The United Nations Development Programme

Contact Person: Olena Ivanova, Project Manager

Tel. +38 050 332 11 38+38 050 332 11 38



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