#uatech4good tag launched to promote "tech for good" initiatives in Ukraine

Sep 29, 2014

In association with its recent Social Good event (http://www.ua.undp.org/content/ukraine/en/home/presscenter/articles/2014/09/18/social-good-summit-to-convene-ukrainian-innovators-and-civil-society/0), UNDP has launched the #uatech4good tag, for any individuals or organizations to use on Twitter, Facebook, blogs or any social media to highlight efforts in Ukraine that use tech tools to raise awareness about development issues and drive action to address those issues.

"Ukraine is both a tech-savvy country and a country where civil society is flourishing and addressing many critical issues," said Inita Pauloviča, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative. "We want this social media tag to help highlight efforts by any group or organization, not just UNDP, not just UN-initiatives, so that anyone can learn what is happening in Ukraine regarding technology to help people and the environment."

UNDP encourages any individual or organization that is talking about hackathons, smart phone apps, web sites, virtual volunteering or any Internet tool or tech-related event to address human rights, gender equality, HIV/AIDS education, pollution, water conservation, the needs of internally-displaced people (IDPs), tolerance and reconciliation, corruption, maternal health, arts and culture, or any human or environmental issue in Ukraine, to use the #uatech4good tag when writing about the tool on social media. 

As more organizations and individuals use the tag, it will create an easier way for government agencies, the press, potential donors, and potential volunteers to quickly find out how tech tools and innovation are being used to enhance the quality of life for all people in Ukraine and to address critical needs. 

The Social Good Summit was part of global SHIFT efforts by UNDP to encourage agility and adaptability in the face of increasingly complex challenges. SHIFT-related efforts are meant encourage UNDP staff to innovate and test new ways of working with new partners and methodologies and to formalize a culture of innovation, learning and sharing within the Office and with national partners. More information about UNDP Shift efforts: https://www.unteamworks.org/node/449428

For additional information please contact UNDP Communications Officer Yevgeniy Zelenko at yevgeniy.zelenko@undp.org or 044-253-9363

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