UNDP to procure life-saving medicines for Ukraine

Feb 26, 2016


In recent years, Ukraine has experienced shortages of many life-sustaining medicines resulting in deaths and worsening health conditions for many. In 2014, Ukraine became one of the top five countries with the highest multidrug resistance TB burden. Some of the TB and orphan diseases medicines were not procured for several years. To tackle this growing health emergency Ukraine has requested UN (UNDP and UNICEF) and Crown Agents’ support for the procurement and distribution of a specific range of medicines and related medical products.

UNDP signed contracts with seven companies for supply of 18 anti-tuberculosis medicines for Ukraine’s public health programme with a total amount of  USD 6,720,427. The contracts for supply of TB medicines have been signed with four Ukrainian and three foreign companies, including Medpharcom Center PjSV, Technolog PrJSC,  Kyivmedpreparat, Yuria Pharma Ltd and Lupin Ltd, Macleods Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Svizera Europe BV  respectively.  Already more than $1,000,000 of public funds has been saved thanks to transparent internationally recognized  procurement procedures.

Additionally, UNDP has finalized the procurement process and signed contract with Genzyme Europe B.V. company to supply medicines for patients with Orphan diseases with the total contract amount of USD 364,184.

The first medicines are expected to reach Ukrainian doctors already in April.

The medicines procurement programme is the result of joint efforts by UN agencies (WHO,  UNICEF and UNDP), government and civil society aimed at boosting transparency, accountability, and efficiency in public procurement and supporting Ukraine’s capacity to provide everyone with access to the medicines they need. In October 2015, UNDP and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine signed an agreement for the procurement of pharmaceuticals and medical products through UNDP in line with the highest international standards.

In addition to addressing the country’s immediate needs in medicines, WHO, UNICEF and UNDP are supporting the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in its long-term efforts to reform the public procurement system to bring it in line with the highest international standards.



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