Ukrainian journalists and UNDP help to build a new Ukraine together!

Apr 28, 2016

Ukrainian media has yet to overcome a number of challenges and growing pains pertaining to budding democracy. Fair or not, it is often accused of being extremely sensational, superficial, and mostly interested in politics, crime and vanity.

“We came to the conclusion that very often journalists avoid writing about complex issues simply because they don’t understand the complexity of the problem, don’t know where to get the data, how to make sense of it, and how to explain it in simple terms,” said Olexiy Pogorelov, the Ukrainian Press Association president.

To bridge these gaps the United Nations Development Programme joined forces with the Union of TV and Radio broadcasters and the Ukrainian Press Association and introduced a special category “Building a new Ukraine together!” within the national “Pulitzer” – the Ukrainian Annual Professional Journalism Contest “Honor of the Profession”.

The organizers have received more than 147 articles and TV reports covering a host of topical issues ranging from Donbass recovery, re-integration of IDPs, environmental protection and energy efficiency, and democratic governance and reforms.

The first place was given to the “Novoe Vremya” (New Times) editorial team, represented by Vitaliy Sych and VItalina Prykhod’ko for a visionary article “What if Donbass is tomorrow ours?” The article combines insight from the top Ukrainian and international experts, writers, business people, representatives of academia, government and civil society on the strategy of Donbass recovery and peaceful resolution of the conflict. (Russian language version)

“We have to work together to build not just new, but successful Ukraine!” – underlined Vitalina Prykhod’ko, “Novoe Vremya” editor speaking at the awarding ceremony.

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