Ukraine will stop the illegal import of licensed and banned ozone depleting substances

May 30, 2016

Two chromatograph mass spectrometers delivered for Specialized Laboratories of State Fiscal Service of Ukraine in Kyiv and Odesa. Procured by the  UNDP Project “Initial Implementation of HCFC Phase Out in the CEIT Region”, this equipment will allow the Custom of Ukraine to detect ozone depleting substances (ODS) in different forms, including foams, liquids and gases, and different mixtures of ODS and non-ODS substances, mostly – refrigerants, solvents and foaming agents.

By the estimation of Custom’s specialists the import of up to 50,000 air conditioning split systems which are using banned ODSs can be stopped on the border annually. In addition, the illegal consumption of illegally imported ODSs can be decreased by 5,000 metric tons annually thanks to this sophisticated equipment. This high-end and very expensive equipment (US$223,800.00 for 2 items) are using in the majority of the developed countries to prevent illegal import of licensed and/or banned ODSs.

The installation, calibration, testing, verification of equipment as well as training for Custom’s specialists will take place during June and July.

This summer it is also planned to organize a study tour for Ukrainian Custom’s specialists to Istanbul to the Custom’s Laboratory of Turkey where the mentioned chromatograph mass spectrometers are used.

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