Increasing energy efficiency in Ukraine

Aug 22, 2016

Kyiv, 22 August 2016 – The Government of the Slovak Republic and UNDP in Ukraine in close cooperation with the Government of Ukraine are implementing a new project  ‘Energy Efficiency and Expert Hub’ aims to increase energy efficiency as well as responsibility of national leaders to provide more effective energy policy in Ukraine.

Currently, despite a large number of players and projects, there is an overall lack of coordination on what is happening within Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy domain in Ukraine. Lack of coordination and even basic information sharing leads to duplication, and inefficient use of government, donor and private funding. In the short run, more coordination is urgently required to help prioritize donor action and policy making in the area of energy security. In the longer run, having a clear coordination and a way of bringing various projects into synergy can greatly help the Ukrainian government in tackling the task of reducing dependence on imported energy through saving and more efficient technology.

The Slovak Republic has accumulated considerable experience in the energy efficiency and renewable energy area both through the legislation reform as well as through implementing several successful initiatives. This wealth of knowledge and practical understanding of challenges emerging in course of their design and realization could be valuable for the Ukraine in setting up their own systems and tools.

In this context, Slovak Republic and UNDP has decided to join forces to assist in sustainable post-crisis transformation in Ukraine through supporting the advancement of energy efficiency and renewable energy as a key component of Ukraine’s energy security.

In particular, Slovak Republic will support a Ukraine Energy Efficiency Secretariat and Expert Hub aimed at enhancing coordination of energy efficiency activities in Ukraine.

Formatted as a UNDP project, the Secretariat is to be a flexible mechanism to attract expertise, build capacity, organize joint action and leverage additional financing from other potential donors and benefit from their expertise.



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