Infographics: UNDP reports on medicines delivery progress

Aug 30, 2016

Infographics: UNDP reports on medicines delivery progress

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Getting its first shipment of health care products in 1 April 2016, UNDP was able perform 92% delivery in monetary value already in August, 26. This tangible outcome was achieved through UNDP clear and visible tender processes, and in successful partnership with Ministry of Health of Ukraine.   

Based on more, than 39 million USD budget, provided by MoH, UNDP succeeded in signing contracts worth 32,8 million USD for the requested amount of high-quality medicines, providing substantial 4 million USD leftover to the Ukrainian Government.

Medicines and medical products were supplied to Ukraine from different countries in Europle, Asia, Ameria and of course, by local Ukrainian tender winners - manufacturers and distributors.

The most significant leap in delivery experienced during June, during which arrived more, than 45% of all medicines. As of today, UNDP completed 100% delivery under 3 out 8 state health care programmes: orphan diseases, hemophilia and vaccines. By 99% delivered health care products for treatment adult and children hepatits. At 75% and 77% delivered TB tests and HIV diagnostics accordingly.

By the middle of September UNDP expects to finalize 2015 procurements at 95%.

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