Creating new jobs to meet the needs of families in Luhansk, eastern Ukraine

Apr 10, 2017

“Aeromeh” Company - UNDP grantee, a specialized enterprise producing equipment for seed-cleaning and calibration. Photo credit: Amid Askerov / UNDP Ukraine


In 2 years, UNDP’s jobs co-financing and small grants programmes resulted into creation of over 440 new jobs in Luhansk region.

“When I hear about number of new jobs created in the region with UNDP support, I realize that this solves not only employment issues, but also social problems of many families,” said Mr. Yuriy Harbuz, the Governor of Luhansk region at the meeting with UNDP team in UN House in Severodonetsk on 6 April.

In the framework of the UNDP Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme, eight crucial infrastructure buildings were rehabilitated, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, children care centers, bridges and water pumping station, with five more to be restored in 2017. Additionally, some 100 training sessions, focus groups discussions and forums brought together civil society, local government and law enforcers in 10 target communities (hromadas) in the Luhansk region; and support was provided to the Centers for Administrative services in these hromadas.

Infrastructure rehabilitation in conflict-affected Donbas

The restoration of critical infrastructure is a necessary requirement for the economic and social recovery of the conflict-affected regions in Ukraine. Since 2015, UNDP has rehabilitated 18 social and 10 economic infrastructure facilities that are of critical importance to the region.

“Together with the UNDP team we have implemented many interesting and important projects in the region: the Regional Development Strategy was updated and the Regional Development Agency created, the first East -Expo for business was successfully held, we could organize training courses, seminars and study tours, and UNDP provided support to the implementation of the decentralization reform,” said Mr. Roman Vlasenko, Deputy Governor of Luhansk region at the UNDP forum for local communities on effective cooperation with the State Regional Development Fund, held in Severodonetsk, Luhansk region, on 6 April.

“Just on the way here I saw a UNDP grantee doing repair of asphalt road. On the regional scale, it’s not too much, but it is significant for the city of Severodonetsk and a great success for the entrepreneur himself. Multiplying these small achievements, we work on the development of the whole region.”

The UNDP Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme operates in the eight eastern regions of Ukraine, with the financial support from the British Embassy in Ukraine, governments of the Netherlands, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, European Union and the European Investment Bank.  

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